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Thermal Bottoms

Thermal Bottoms

Keep your legs warm and protected from the elements in cold temperatures with these wonderfully comfortable thermal bottoms from Anaconda. Quick drying fabric helps to wick away moisture from your skin, leaving you dry and warm at all times.

Made from lightweight, soft stretch material with thermal properties, these thermal bottoms will keep you snug no matter what the temperature is outside. Use as a base layer under your outerwear for comfort and ease of movement. For best results choose a size that is a close fit to your skin.

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Be in the Know About Thermal Clothing! Learn More About Anaconda’s Thermal Bottoms!

Before you purchase any thermal clothing, it is usually best to inform yourself about the various materials used in thermals. To help you choose the best thermal bottoms, we have created a brief guide, so be sure to read the information below to find the best thermal bottoms for your needs.

What Are the Functions of Thermal Bottoms?

Thermal bottoms have a variety of functions, so they are not only meant to keep you warm. Below, we have described each of the functions in more detail, which could assist you during your search for the perfect thermal bottoms.

Retaining Warmth

Naturally, one of the main benefits of thermal bottoms is retaining warmth and regulating body temperature. The level of warmth that can be retained by thermal bottoms is usually subject to the weight of the material; this can also be linked to the type of material used in the thermal bottoms.

Providing More Stretch

Some Australians provide thermal bottoms because of their stretching qualities. However, we must mention that not all thermal materials provide such stretch! While most materials used in thermal bottoms can be stretched, cotton is the exception to the rule. So, if stretch is important to you, make sure you do not choose thermal bottoms solely made from cotton.

Bacteria Resistance

One of the more unknown qualities of thermal wear is bacteria resistance; this means that thermal bottoms could be an excellent choice for campers or hikers that do not have a shower available daily.

Moisture Wicking

Another quality that thermal bottoms possess is moisture wicking; this quality is almost as important as the warmth retaining quality. When a thermal bottom retains warmth, it is not uncommon for the wearer to sweat a little. The last thing you want is to get wet bottoms, so moisture wicking properties for your thermal bottoms is vital and must be considered when shopping!

Should My Thermal Bottoms Be Tight or Loose?

Size is important for your thermal bottoms, since thermal bottoms that are too loose cannot provide the heat retaining properties you are looking for. Therefore, thermal bottoms should fit you just right, so not be too loose or too tight.

How Do I Wash Thermal Bottoms?

The methods you use to wash the thermal bottoms depends heavily on the material, so you must look at the material your bottoms are made of before you wash them. Below, you can find a summary on how to maintain each of the materials.

Cotton Thermal Bottoms

Cotton thermal bottoms are best washed in cold water, since warm water could cause your cotton thermal wear to shrink. Cotton is also more difficult to dry, so be sure to air dry them without hanging them up; this could cause the cotton fabric to lose its shape.

Silk Thermal Bottoms

As you know already, silk is a more delicate material than most fabrics out there, so you must handle silk thermal bottoms with care. It is usually best to hand-wash thermal bottoms made from silk, but you can put them in the washing machine on a delicate wash if you have no time for a hand-wash.

Wool Thermal Bottoms

Since wool is also a natural fibre fabric, you will wash it much like cotton. Wash your wool thermal bottoms in some cold water and dry them on a towel to get them to dry faster. Once again, we do not recommend hanging the wool thermal bottoms on a line, since this could cause the material to lose its shape over time.

Synthetic Thermal Bottoms

Opposed to the other thermal materials mentioned here today, synthetic materials are easiest to wash and maintain. Synthetic thermal bottoms also dry faster after every wash, so you can easily hang them on a line. You can also put synthetic thermal bottoms in the dryer, since synthetic fabric fibres have a decent heat resistance.

Synthetic thermal bottoms can be washed in the washing machine with warm water, although we do recommend turning the bottoms inside out before placing them into the washing machine.

Can I Get Other Thermal Clothing from Anaconda?

Anaconda has an entire range of thermal clothing; this does not only include thermal bottoms, but also tops, jackets, and other thermal wear you might require. So, be sure to check out some of the other thermal wear available for great prices at Anaconda!

Where Can I Get More Information on Thermal Bottoms?

Have you read through our information on thermal bottoms, but still find yourself left with some questions? For more information about the thermal bottoms available at Anaconda, or for questions about any of the other thermal wear in our collection, feel free to contact the Anaconda team. Customers can contact us via email or telephone, but also drop by at one of the Anaconda stores.

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