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How To Select Your Summer Shorts?

A nice pair of summer shorts can keep you nice and cool in the great outdoors. They can be great for a camping trip in hot temperatures, but they also have some benefits for your summer hikes. So, how do you choose the best pair of summer shorts?

What Is The First Thing To Look At When Selecting Summer Shorts?

Before you look at some of the nitty gritty, it is a good idea to consider your favourite style of shorts. With it, you should also consider the various materials they are available in, this may include denim, cotton, and even polyester. Since each of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages, it is always a good idea to consider the material carefully.

What Is The Second Thing To Look At When Selecting Summer Shorts?

When selecting new clothing, it is recommended to consider your body build. Even though you may like a specific style of shorts, it does not necessarily mean they will complement your body type.

One of the most important aspects of choosing your summer shorts is determining your leg shape. For example, those with relatively skinny legs could benefit from a pair of shorts in a bolder colour. However, if you have broader legs, a darker colour may be more flattering for your body type.

Some summer shorts have patterns, this may include horizontal and vertical lines. If you have broader legs, always avoid shorts with horizontal lines, as these will make your legs appear even wider. Instead, choose darker colours or vertical lines, which tend to have a slimming effect.

What Is The Third Thing To Look At When Selecting Summer Shorts?

In addition to the material of your shorts and its colour, length is another aspect you need to consider. As you know already, shorts can come in various lengths, this goes from above the knee to below the knee. Before you purchase your summer shorts, always ask yourself which type of shorts you feel most comfortable in.

Of course, not everyone has a clear preference when it comes down to short length. When in doubt, most people find that a medium-length pair of shorts is the best option. Also, this type of shorts tends to work for most people, no matter their body type.

If you are relatively short in stature, the length of your shorts can be more important. In fact, the right pair of shorts can create the illusion of length. By wearing a shorter pair of shorts, your legs will appear longer. So, if you want to appear taller when wearing your shorts, look for shorter designs.

What Is The Fourth Thing To Look At When Selecting Summer Shorts?

While you may be tempted to purchase tight shorts, it is actually better to get a loose fit. Loose-fitting shorts will provide more breathability in warmer weather and certainly complement the fabric you have chosen. It also ensures that your skin does not feel "trapped", something that could cause excessive sweating when temperatures rise.

What Is The Fifth Thing To Look At When Selecting Summer Shorts?

Some people have torsos that are relatively short, which can affect how certain shorts look. If you belong to the short torso club, it is a good idea to buy a pair of shorts that can be worn low. Not only does this create a more flattering aesthetic, it also allows you to give your torso a longer appearance.

On the other hand, if you have a high waist and short legs, it is best to wear your shorts higher. Aside from low-worn shorts, you can get high waist shorts, which can be pulled over the waist to create an elongated effect on the legs. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what compliments your body.

Summer Shorts At Anaconda

Anaconda has a large range of shorts, perfect for the warmer temperatures you will encounter during the summer months. Our range of shorts consists of shorts made from various materials, but also shorts with different designs. If you are looking for the most flattering option that will also keep you cool during the summer, you are bound to find it in our catalogue.



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