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Do you need a little cooldown on you next outback adventure or sporting event? Then the great range of shorts available at Anaconda will be perfect for you! With a collection of shorts for men, women, and kids, you will be able to find the right shorts no matter what your age, style, size or budget is.

With a large range including everything from the shortest shorts to longer style Capri pants, as well as specially designed shorts for sports such as surfing, athletics, and cycling, you will be able to choose from everyday items and top brand names to get your perfect shorts at Anaconda.

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Anaconda’s Guide to Shorts for the Summer!

Shorts have been a favourite amongst men, women, and children for many years, and this is no different this year! To help you find the best shorts this summer, we have created a useful guide for Anaconda customers below. So, be sure to read on if you want the best shorts for your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Shorts?

Before elaborating on how to pick out your shorts, it is a good idea to look at the different types you can find in stores nowadays. By knowing the different types of shorts, it is much easier to find the design you like. Of course, it is also easier to find some shorts that are best for those warm temperatures!

Tennis Shorts

Tennis shorts are a common occurrence in sports, so you will not just see them on the tennis court. They are characterised by a length just above the knee, but also by pleats that allow the maximum amount of movement during sports.

Even though tennis shorts can be made from all kinds of materials, most of them are made from synthetic materials. Manmade materials often provide more benefits for sports clothing than natural fibres, although some people will prefer tennis shorts made from a combination of synthetics and natural fibres.

Running Shorts

Running shorts are extremely short, so they are not used often for anything else but sports. They are quite commonly worn by women, but men tend to step away from these types of shorts for various reasons.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a popular choice in fashion. Opposed to the previous types of shorts, cargo shorts are more popular amongst men. They are characterised by a length over the knee, as well as a minimum of four pockets and flapped pockets on the side of the legs.

Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts are basically a shorter version of regular trousers. They usually have a vintage look and could have a narrow or a wider cut, depending on the designer or the brand.

Denim Shorts

As the name suggests, denim shorts are made with denim material. They are often referred to as jean shorts and can come in a variety of lengths and cuts. Still, not all denim shorts are suitable for everyday or casual wear, so it is vital to check the latest fashions to determine the best choice for you.

Other Shorts

There are more types of shorts out there, but we cannot mention them all today. The list is almost endless, with additional options such as Bermuda shorts, chino shorts, cycling shorts, leather shorts, and more. Of course, each of these shorts have their own unique cut.

What Shorts Are Right for Me?

When buying shorts, it is certainly necessary to look at the length. The length of the shorts can determine how well a pair of shorts looks on you, but it also determines if a pair of shorts looks casual, vintage, sporty, or smart.

The length of your legs compared to the shorts is important. For example, people with short legs do not look good with long shorts, because it means the entire design is disproportionate. The same applies to a taller person, who will not look as good with a pair of shorter shorts.

In addition to the length of your shorts, it is also a good idea to look at the material the shorts are made of. The most popular materials for shorts today are linen, silk, and blends that contain these materials; this because they provide a lot of breathability or softness.

Despite the popular materials available for shorts today, there are some other materials you should consider too; this includes cotton. Cotton is soft and breathable, although it does hold onto moisture longer, making it less suitable for exercise purposes.

Customers who want to obtain shorts for exercise should always consider a pair of shorts made from synthetic fibres. Ideally, you want to look for a blend of polyester and a natural fibre. With such a blend, you can benefit from the advantages of both natural and synthetic fibres, so it certainly is a serious consideration for workouts and exercise.

What Shorts Can I Obtain from Anaconda?

Anaconda has an amazing range of shorts; this includes all the shorts we mentioned in this overview, as well as some additional options we have not discussed in detail. Our shorts are also made in a variety of materials, so you will undoubtedly find something to match your personal preferences.

Do you have a question about one of the shorts available at Anaconda? Or could you use some help choosing some shorts from our catalogue? Feel free to contact the Anaconda team for some assistance. Customers can reach us via telephone and email but can also drop by at our store for some help.

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