Rainwear Pants

Don't get caught in the down pour and get your waterproof pants from Anaconda's clothing range. Browse our rainwear pants at Anaconda today.

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Can I purchase rainwear pants at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda, we have a range of rainwear pants available for whatever outdoor activity you are planning. They are all waterproof, offering a variety of different levels of protection to ensure that you and the whole family are kept dry, whatever the weather, and all at our fantastic low prices.

How do I purchase rainwear pants from Anaconda?

Discover our rainwear pants collection online, by browsing through the items above and following the instructions through to the online checkout. Or you can visit one of our thirty-five stores nationwide, and meet with our team of experts who would be happy to help you choose the perfect pair.

What material are your rainwear pants made from?

For those of us who love the outdoors, rainwear pants are seen as a practical necessity for any activity where you could be exposed to water or wet weather. All of our waterproofs at Anaconda are made from high-quality materials including nylon, polyester and polyurethane, or 100% polyester to ensure that you are protected.

Do any of your rainwear pants fold up for effortless storage and transportation?

Yes, a lot of the rainwear pants that we have available here at Anaconda are convertible and fold right up into a small, lightweight pouch. Also, all of the rainwater pants in our collection have a clean pull up design for ease of use. So if the sun does decide to make an appearance again, just store them away and can carry on with your adventure.

What does fully seam sealed mean?

The seams, where the fabric is stitched together, can be a weak point on waterproof items. If the product you have chosen states that it has fully seamed seals, this means that the stitching has been taped over and seal to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

On your products, next to waterproof, it says 2000/ 5000mm. What does this mean?

All waterproof items are given a rating based on a hydrostatic head test. The Hydrostatic Head Value, or the number, indicates how many mmm of water the item of clothing can withstand per day before that water will penetrate to the individual. The higher the Hydrostatic Head Value, the more waterproof the item will be.

What does breathability/ MVP mean?

MVP stands for Moisture Vapour Permeable, also known as Moisture Vapour Transmission (MVT). These terms refer to the manner in which the fabric transports water away from the body. So, a pair of rainwater pants that are 2000mvp will disperse 2000 grams of moisture to the outer layers of your fabric, ensuring that you are dry and comfortable even when doing exercise. High levels of breathability also helps to reduce the risk of rapid cooling which can occur when you have stopped exercising, or there is a change in the weather

Which rainwater pants are best suited for me?

That's all down to personal choice really and what outdoor activity you have planned for them. Our rainwater pants provide protection and comfort when you are doing any activity where there is a chance that you might get wet. Don't let bad weather stop you from enjoying your favourite past time and get some rainwater pants from Anaconda today.



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