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It may come as a surprise that many people still prefer map books to GPS for planning Australian road trips and camping holidays. The reasons become clear when using Camps Australia Wide spiral map books designed to inspire a whole new generation of Australian travellers, courtesy of Anaconda.

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Do road maps have advantages over GPS?

GPS has been a navigational game changer, but there is a lot more to consider for putting yourself into the picture. Camps Australia Wide maps are actually preferable to GPS in some situations, and there is no harm in carrying both paper maps and GPS with you. For example, a quality road atlas provides a bigger picture for reliable reference, providing a better understanding of scale and distance. This feature can be a life saver in Australia, where long-distance driving is commonplace.

Camps Australia Wide maps will also provide a visual perspective for comparing different route options. In addition, these high quality, high-definition maps are a genuine road atlas and family road trip inspiration offering advice on scenic routes, campsites and amazing Australian diversions to explore along the way. GPS is great for getting from point A to B, but there is so much more to discover by using a map that will safely steer you off the beaten track to iconic Australian destinations.

When are Camps Australia Wide maps the best option?

A handy Camps Australia Wide map can remain in your vehicle side pocket ready for retrieval at any time. Here are some areas where Camps Australia Wide maps are the right choice.

  1. When you don't own a GPS-enabled device, or your GPS battery is flat. GPS vehicle systems remain a luxury for many people, but a Camps Australia Wide map costs far less and will last a lifetime.
  2. When travelling in areas without mobile GPS coverage. Australia is a huge country, and although satellite communications devices cover a lot of territory, they won't help you when out of range or in poor coverage areas. You can always rely on Camps Australia Wide.
  3. Get everyone involved in trip planning with Camps Australia Wide maps. You can understand the bigger picture and see at a glance the amazing places you hope to visit along the way.
  4. If majestic, breath-taking scenery is more important to you than a speedy trip, Camps Australia Wide maps from Anaconda will be a faithful companion. Explore back-country roads, iconic Australian scenery, and the best campsites available at the turn of a page.

Do Camps Australia Wide books have caravan park information?

They certainly do. In fact, there is an entire spiral bound travelling companion dedicated to the best caravan parks in Australia. Caravan Parks Australia Wide is a must have for your next road trip, containing all the information you need for finding the ideal place to stay. Easy to use, Caravan Parks Australia displays information with coloured symbols and information that includes powered sites, ensuite sites, tent sites, BBQ, swimming pool, pet-friendly sites and approximate site cost. This booklet also includes a large fold-out map so everyone can get involved in trip planning.

Is Camps Australia Wide good for budget conscious travellers?

Yes, it is. The latest Camps Australia Wide edition features more iconic sites than ever before, giving all types of road users and vacationers almost unlimited options for places to pull over and stay for the night. This guide includes almost 4,000 pet-friendly campsites. This accurate mapping booklet features Hema road atlas mapping for all of Australia, with every campsite easily pinpointed and referenced. This book also contains information about free campsites, national parks, community campsites, showgrounds, outback station stays and much more.

Why choose Anaconda for Camps Australia Wide maps?

Anaconda is the outdoor and adventure retailer you can trust. We stock more name brand products than anyone else, including maps, GPS, compasses, satellite navigation, communications gear and emergency signalling devices. At Anaconda, we have you covered for any eventuality, so you can focus on having the best road trip ever.



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