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Sleeping when camping doesn't have to be uncomfortable with our wide range of sleeping essentials. Visit Anaconda now and shop your inflatable pillow with us.

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What types of sleeping essentials can I purchase at Anaconda?

Once you have your sleeping basics covered, such as an air bed, sleeping bag, mat or camp bed, make sure you then browse through the extras that we offer to increase your comfort when sleeping even more. Just because you're sleeping in the great outdoors does not mean that you have to forego the little things that make life more pleasant! Take a look at some sleeping essentials here:

Pillows: Get your head down on one of the many inflatable pillows available from Anaconda. Save space by leaving your normal pillows at home and instead bring a few of these light and easily inflated pillows for your camping holiday or hiking trip. Choose from various designs and sizes to find the right pillow for your perfect night's sleep. We also have a range of travel pillows available which can be used on long journeys to ensure that you arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy your time away.

Liners: Increase sleeping comfort and prolong the life of your sleeping bag by using a liner. Available in different materials for different climates, sleeping bag liners can add extra warmth or keep you cool while asleep, and as they are machine washable which will save you from having to have your sleeping bag dry-cleaned often. If the temperature rises, you can also use the sleeping liner on its own if sleeping in a sleeping bag becomes uncomfortably warm.

Mini Fan: Have one of these great little fans on hand at the side of your bed in case of sudden hot spells. Quiet and easy to operate on just two AA batteries, the mini fans are hand-held and the plastic blades are safe to use.

Mosquito net: If you want to let in some fresh air into your tent but do not want to be eaten alive by mosquitos then our range of mosquito nets available at Anaconda will keep you protected. The mosquito nets are available in two sizes (single and double) and is lightweight and easy to transport in its own handy travel bag. Simply fasten to something at the top of your tent and tuck the ends in around the bottom of your mattress or mat, and get a good night's sleep without the risk of night-time bites.

Can I purchase any other camping essentials at Anaconda?

Indeed, you can! Anaconda stocks hundreds of great camping and hiking essentials to make all aspects of your camping holiday or outdoor adventure more comfortable and convenient, including cooking essentials, sleeping essentials, storage essentials, equipment essentials and much more. Simply browse the huge range online today or visit your nearest store to be inspired by the many essentials on offer at Anaconda.



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