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Anaconda offers water filters, purification tablets and water drums to ensure your drinking water is free of water-borne diseases. Shop online or in-store.

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Anaconda partners with name brands for outdoor equipment and apparel. Nadcc is a renowned company specialising in sodium dichloroisocyanurate that is used widely as a cleansing agent. Nato brand purification methods are also popular. These water purification method effervescent tablets are always useful to have on hand, and can become essential in emergency situations. It is entirely possible to get potable aqua water from muddied water sources by using a water purifier system that will help you avoid dysentery, giardia or other water-borne diseases caused by cryptosporidium.

Taking large amounts of water with you when you travel can be difficult. If you are hiking or trekking, carrying many litres of fresh water can really weigh you down. If you are going off the grid, finding a fresh water source can sometimes be almost impossible, and if you are touring overseas, trusting the water supply can be dangerous. That's why purifying and storing water on site, or as you go, is valuable, and at Anaconda we have all the big brands to help you do it. Brands such as Camelbak, Bushtracks, Steripen, and Kookaburra, just to name a few, all provide quality products to keep your water safe and potable.
Water purification tablets contain powerful yet safe amounts of water treatment chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, troclosene sodium and others for removing germicidal purifying of drinking water that will also remove unpleasant taste. Iodine tablets and chlorine tablets are another disinfectant option popular while trekking and camping.


Not every place you will visit will have potable water available, and in some countries, Australians aren't advised to drink tap water at all. Having the ability to clean and sanitise water without boiling it can be a real asset. Whether you are hiking, camping or caravanning, at Anaconda we have a range of products that can help make, and keep, water potable. Our water filters for caravans, camper trailers and even boats can be installed quickly and easily, and help reduce dirt, rust and algae, as well as removing chemical tastes an odours from drinking water. They can also help prevent bacterial growth and are ideal for filling tanks or being fitted under your sink.

On a smaller scale, our water bottle range also includes options with water filters that can remove dirt, bacteria and parasites. You can buy the bottles, and extra filters, online or at any Anaconda store. This allows you to simply scoop water from a river or a pond, and sip clean water through the straw.
If you need to clean larger volumes of water, for longer trips, purification liquid can be a good choice. It can provide fast and effective water disinfection, and is an essential item for travellers wanting to avoid contamination by drinking local water or brushing their teeth. It can preserve water for up to 6 months, and it is always best to use a separate filter for turbid water.

Our range of cleaning tablets can do similar things, and work within 5 minutes. Tablets can be used for emergency situations, and they can also keep your water reservoir free from taste and odour ready for your next adventure. They can be a handy sterilization system against viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and giardia, making them flexible for any purpose. Take a look through our entire tablet range to make sure you have the one suitable for your needs. Finally, clean water is no good without somewhere to store it. We have a range of water storage options that are lightweight, easy to carry and can store enough water to suit your immediate needs.


Water purification filtration system technology is usually a small price to pay to make a big difference. Health and safety are top priorities while enjoying backcountry adventures, and water disinfection systems are a major part of the equation. The Anaconda camping and trekking range of products is designed to suit all kinds of budgets, giving you the flexibility of choice and the benefit of security no matter where you go. Water treatment can save you a lot of time and money, with good health a big bonus.



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