Most people don’t even think about purchasing a new umbrella until the sky turns dark and storm clouds roll in. There is only one thing worse than getting caught off-guard by a downpour, and that is using a flimsy umbrella that buckles, flaps and falls apart just when you need it most - a scenario you will avoid with Brellerz from Anaconda.

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What makes Brellerz different?

Brellerz is a brand with sole dedication to creation of superior umbrellas. Brellerz products are easy to use, easy to store, and won't let you down when the weather turns nasty. There is a world of difference between quality Brellerz products and throw-away raingear that ends up in the trash can after its first wind and rain experience. Brellerz are umbrellas you can rely on.

What to look for in a quality umbrella?

There are lots of considerations when purchasing a quality umbrella. You should investigate water repellent ability, durability, weight, size and ease of use. Here are a few recommendations from umbrella experts.

  1. A large domed canopy. A small umbrella canopy will only protect you if there is no wind and rain falls vertically. However, when the wind picks up and starts swirling, you will quickly get drenched with a small canopy umbrella. The smarter option is to use a larger and stronger umbrella that can cope with the wind. In addition, your umbrella will often be required to protect your child, friend or spouse along with yourself, making larger rain protection coverage a no brainer.
  2. An umbrella that is comfortable to hold. Make sure to purchase an umbrella with a strong handle that is comfortable to hold. A flimsy handle is inconvenient even during calm weather, and when a storm rolls in the problem will be exacerbated. Check out Brellerz products that include a comfortable ergonomic hand-grip that will help you battle the elements.
  3. A grip that is easy to hold in either hand. When the rain falls and the wind blows you will find yourself swapping hands to grip your umbrella for protecting bags or other valuables. Make sure to purchase an umbrella with cushioned grip for comfortable control in either hand during inclement weather.
  4. Easy fold operation. Umbrellas should be able to handle tough love. A quality umbrella will fold and unfold in smooth motions, and provide the ability for fast fold/unfold to remove water before placing it indoors to dry. Cheap, ineffective umbrellas will twist, collapse and tangle on themselves, breaking the support struts and becoming horribly ineffective. You can avoid all these problems with a Brellerz umbrella.

Are Brellerz good value for money?

They certainly are. A quick browse at Anaconda Brellerz products is a real eye-opener for amazing value for money. Where else can you purchase such high quality umbrellas for a bargain price? Umbrellas are essential for mums, dads and kids for all outdoor situations when the rain starts coming down, and with Anaconda on your side your whole family can remain protected and dry, without breaking the bank.

What other wet weather gear does Anaconda stock?

If you are looking for a high quality outdoor product, Anaconda has it in stock. Our extensive collection includes rain boots, snow boots, rain jackets, rain pants, ponchos, gum boots and more. We are the outdoor apparel specialists with more available name brand products than anyone else, so you can shop with confidence.

Anaconda also stocks waterproof tents, tarps, gazebos, camp furniture and unlimited innovative products designed to improve your outdoor experience in all weather conditions. We have an incredible fishing range, boating range, and camping range for day trippers, serious trekkers and mountaineers. At Anaconda, we are all about helping you enjoy the great outdoors to the max, whether you are an endurance sportsperson, or weekend warrior heading out for a bit of fun in the sun (or rain).



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