Blue Fox is a fishing brand that will deliver precision and tailored angling results. Whether you are a professional angler or a weekend warrior, Blue Fox lures are the convenient alternative to live bait and might even help you land the catch of the day.

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Why are Blue Fox fishing lures so popular?

There are lots of good reasons for the popularity of Blue Fox lures. For starters, Blue Fox doesn't cut corners with manufacturing and uses premium fabrication and dynamic components expected of world leading fishing lures. Blue Fox lures will help you hone-in on your target fish species, and these lures are easy to use, making them a great introductory product for newcomers to the joy of fishing.

Leading anglers endorse Blue Fox lures for durability, strength and performance. These lures are found in tackle boxes from the Arctic to the tropics, and include premium quality spinners designed for specific fishing techniques and water conditions. Whether you are on the hunt for trout, bass, flathead, bream or barramundi, Blue Fox lures are on your side and ready to perform.

What are the advantages of fishing using lures?

Both live bait and lures have their fishing advantages, and your catch can also be improved using burley and fish oil scents to attract your target species. However, there are certain advantages that lures possess, and they are a part of every successful angler's fishing arsenal. Here are just a few lure advantages.

1: There is no need to refrigerate lures or keep them alive using an aerator. A quality Blue Fox lure can be repeatedly used to catch more fish.

2: You can catch larger fish using a lure, and you won't have to repeatedly replace live bait due to undersized fish nibbling your bait to pieces.

3: Lures are safer to remove from fish, and safer for the fish being released. Lures almost always end up in the mouth of the fish, rather than being swallowed, making catch and release a straightforward procedure even for fishing newbies.

4: When fishing with a lure, you are able to focus on catching your target species. Blue Fox lures are specially designed for all styles of saltwater and fresh water fishing.

What Blue Fox fishing lures should I consider?

Anaconda stocks some great Blue Fox fishing lures at amazingly low prices. Here are a few standout performers.

Blue Fox Vibrax Shad Spinners: These high quality spinner lures are created using brass, stainless steel and plastic to create the perfect natural motion in the water. Quality performance is made easy with special anti-line twist design, two-part main body and low frequency vibrations, making Vibrax shad spinners a real favourite. Here are some more features:

  • Natural painted or plated finish
  • Free-turning brass gear
  • Brass-stamped blade finish
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Patented 2-part main body for realistic performance

Blue Fox Vibrax Fluorescent Spinners: The fluorescent finish of this spinner is irresistible to many fish species. This lure emits a rattling sound that attracts fish, and incorporates a free-turning brass gear and stainless steel shaft. This lightweight performer casts straight for accuracy at your ideal fishing location.

Why choose Anaconda for Blue Fox fishing lures?

Anaconda is the go-to retailer for professional and amateur anglers. We stock more outdoor and adventure equipment and accessories than any other retailer in Australia, and there is bound to be an Anaconda store near you where you can check out Blue Fox in person. Our extensive fishing collection includes big name brands such as Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Berkley and many more famous Australian and international brands.

Online shopping is a treat at Anaconda. Our great fishing product range can be explored by brand or category, and we deliver a streamlined purchasing experience for your convenience. Best of all, every stocked Anaconda product is available with our lowest available price guarantee, so you can shop with confidence and save money with every purchase.



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