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The Black Diamond company is all about climbing and skiing. From humble beginnings working in the backyard with a hammer and anvil, Black Diamond manufacturing has evolved, with the company growing to become a leading international brand with a focus on excellence. Innovative snow and climbing gear from Black Diamond continues to set the benchmark for quality, designed and manufactured by a team of people dedicated to climbing and skiing.

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What makes Black Diamond gear the right choice?

Black Diamond products are the result of hands-on involvement from snow and ski experts. The evolution is ongoing, with a focus on quality and style. Anaconda stocks impressive Black Diamond products that will take your high country experience to the next level. Here are just a few examples of Black Diamond excellence.

What are some Black Diamond products worth considering?

All Black Diamond gear is worth considering prior to embarking on a high country adventure. Here are just a few standout products available at Anaconda.

Black Diamond Headlamps: These high quality and hard wearing accessories are an essential piece of equipment for professional adventurers. Waterproof construction, a removable battery pack, brightness memory and red, green and blue night vision modes facilitate safe mountaineering in all conditions. Black Diamond Headlamps are waterproof, fortified against impact and offer superior illumination for any type of adventure.

Black Diamond Trekking Poles: Whether you are embarking on a casual afternoon stroll, or heading off for a mountain adventure, Black Diamond Trekking Poles will provide the comfort and stability you require. Dual FlickLocks provide full adjustability for all-terrain use, while the carbide and rubber tips (sold separately) can be swapped over for achieving additional surface grip. The padded webbing strap and non-slip grip extension allows you to focus on the climb safely at all times.

Half Dome Helmets: A quality helmet should be well-fitted, comfortable, and facilitate all movements required while hiking and mountaineering in dangerous environments. Men's and women's half dome helmets are available with built in features for cradling the head, with the women's version incorporating a ponytail-friendly shell design. The easily adjusted chin strap, one-hand adjustment fit, low profile suspension and lightweight headlamp clips are the icing on the cake.

Vario Speed Harness: The one-size-fits-all Vario Speed Harness is specially designed for easy adjustment, making it a great choice for rock gyms, schools and outdoor activities. Highlights include colour coded webbing for ease of use, a quick-adjust buckle, quick-adjust leg loops and single tie-in point. A harness is a necessity wherever climbing safety is prioritised, and Black Diamond products are in demand.

Black Diamond Wire Stoppers: Serious climbers demand the best safety equipment and Black Diamond Wire Stoppers fit the bill perfectly. Time-tested on everything from granite walls to quartzite cragging, these stoppers are a progressive initiative for the clean climbing revolution. Designed with a traverse taper for sideways placement in rock flares and shallow seams, Black Diamond Stoppers are a trusted climbing companion. Each stopper is equipped with its own durable galvanized steel cable for a strong hold and safe climbing.

What other Black Diamond products should I consider?

Anaconda stocks a wide range of climbing apparel and equipment, including premium Black Diamond accessories. Whether you require pants, tops, boots, protective gear or more, Anaconda has the solution you are looking for. We establish dedicated partnerships with premium camping, hiking and outdoor specialists to ensure our customers get the best of the best at affordable prices.

Why choose Anaconda for Black Diamond gear?

Anaconda offers a lowest price guarantee on all items and specials that can't be beat. We are Australia's biggest retailer of camping and hiking gear, with the option for online or in-store browsing all around Australia. We provide fast service, speedy delivery, product tracking and a returns and exchanges policy in accord with Australian consumer law. Check out the full range of Anaconda gear for more inspiration, and speak with an Anaconda expert for information regarding your chosen products. Your next climb can be your best ever with Anaconda on your side.



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