Austrack Campers

Austrack Campers

Intelligently designed and built to be tough, an Austrack Camper from Anaconda allows you the freedom to enjoy your next outdoor adventure - no matter where it takes you. With a great selection of Austrack Campers including the iconic Tanami X13 Hybrid Offroad Camper, Anaconda is your one-shop stop for getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors!

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For over 15 years, there has been one brand that has dominated the camper trailer market and enabled Aussies to explore the breathtaking beauty that is the great Australian landscape. Anaconda understands how important it is that you have everything you need when heading off the beaten track, whether with family, friends or going solo. With a meticulous focus on only using the best materials available and never settling for second best, Austrack Campers have forged a strong reputation as being one of the best camper trailer brands in Australia.

What Models Of Austrack Campers Can I Find At Anaconda?

Anaconda stocks offroad campers, hybrid caravans and rooftop camper trailers from Austrack Campers. Popular models include the Austrack Tanami 15, Austrack Tanami X13 Austrack Gibb 16 and the Austrack Savannah X - just to name a few! Austrack Campers from Anaconda are available for order at selected stores: Adventure HQ Chullora, Cambridge, Everton Park, Maroochydore, Mile End and West Burleigh.

Austrack Campers FAQs

Why choose Austrack Campers?

  • They're a 'home away from home': Whether you're a solo adventurer or hitting the road with family and friends, an Austrack Camper offers you versatile options for every kind of journey. Choose from a huge range of off road campers with a range of sizes and features.
  • Modern amenities: Just because you're heading off the beaten track, there's no need to compromise on comfort! Enjoy affordable luxury even in the most remote destinations with your Austrack Camper.
  • "Built tough, built to last": Austrack build and design their campers according to this dictum. Using quality materials, AustrackCampers are specially equipped to navigate the rugged terrain and sometimes challenging conditions of the Australian outback.

What features can I find in an Austrack Camper?

Because Austrack Campers are built by hardcore camping enthusiasts themselves, each camper trailer is packed full of features to ensure that every Australian can easily enjoy their great outdoor adventure. From the sun-kissed sands of the Australian desert to the lush tropical paradise of our great rainforests, each Austrack Camper is loaded with features for function and comfort, such as:

  • Bluetooth Stereo System
  • Roof-Mounted Solar Panels
  • Gas/Electric Hot Water System
  • Ensuite Tent
  • External Shower
  • Air Conditioner
  • LED TV
  • Double-Glazed Windows
  • Luxury King Size Bed
  • Ample Storage Room

How can I be assured that Austrack campers & caravans are good quality?

Austrack is committed to ensuring their customers can trust in the quality and value of their investment. The brand holds an ISO9001 Certification, which is a mark of quality management that's recognised worldwide. This certification signifies that a business consistently provides their customers with products that meet all regulatory requirements - it's your peace of mind that you're choosing uncompromised quality that meets worldwide standards.


When it comes to having the best 4WD and caravan equipment to make the best out of your next outdoor adventure, our range of Austrack Campers at Anaconda has all your needs covered. Explore the range at selected stores, including Adventure HQ Chullora where you can get expert advice, be hands-on with the latest outdoor products and discover everything you can imagine for your next outdoor adventure! Find all your inspiration and know-how with our informative Adventure Centre articles and Caravan Essentials Buying Guide, and enjoy great Club discounts and benefits when you sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club.



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