As a fishing lure design innovator, Atomic has been a market leader in Australia during the past decade. Today, Atomic manufacturers high quality lures, jigheads fishing rods and more, with some of the best Atomic products available at Anaconda.

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What makes Atomic fishing equipment so good?

Every Atomic product is meticulously designed and tested in real fishing conditions to meet high performance standards. Atomic lures are in demand with Australian anglers who want soft lures, semi-hard lures and hard lures that really do fool their target species. When it comes to fishing equipment and terminal tackle, Australian companies lead the world for quality, performance and value for money, initiatives that are fully supported by Anaconda.

What Atomic gear should I consider?

There is a lot to like about Atomic. This equipment hits the sweet spot for mid-priced angling gear, without compromising on quality. Explore great Anaconda Atomic rods and lures, and get ready for the fish to start biting.

The Atomic Arrowz fishing rod range has taken the world by storm and includes spinning rods, offshore spinning rods, baitcaster spin rods, estuary spin rods and barra spin rods. Here are a few standout products.

Atomic Arrowz Offshore Series: These rods match power with performance, delivering all the muscle and control required for offshore angling. Featuring ultra-refined neoprene grips, the Offshore Series offer great value for money.

Atomic Arrowz Estuary Series: Tailor made for estuary angling, the Arrowz Estuary Series are ideal for ultra-light bait and lure fishing. You are sure to appreciate the lightness and precision of the Estuary Series rods.

Atomic Arrowz Barra Casting & Spin Series: This series focuses on refinement, responsiveness and power required to hook elusive Barramundi. Tropical estuary fishing just got a whole lot better with the Atomic Barra Series fishing rods.

You may also want lifelike Atomic lures to go with your new Atomic fishing rod, and there are lots of styles and designs to choose from. Here are just a few Atomic lures worth serious consideration.

Atomic Hardz Cicada 35mm Surface: The sound of summertime cicadas heralds the start of the surface fishing season. These lifelike lures mimic the appearance of a cicada that has fallen into the water, and are guaranteed to entice your target fish species.

Atomic Semi-Hardz Vibe Lures: Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, the semi-hardz vibe lures are a great addition to any fishing lure collection. These lures have been tested extensively on snapper, bass and bream to ensure you get angling results.

Atomic Hardz Shiner Deep Dive Lures: The Shiner range of fishing lures are designed to mimic a tight wobble and roll action to attract the attention of a wide range of estuary fish species. Available in a range of sizes, shiner deep dive lures are worthy of a great catch.

What other fishing gear does Anaconda stock?

We have a huge range of fishing gear from major Australian and international manufacturers. We stock fishing rods, fishing reels, rod & reel combos, terminal tackle, fishing tackle boxes, jigs, cast nets, waders, fishing shirts, water shoes, diving gear and much more. At Anaconda, we partner with major brands such as Berkley, Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Daiwa, Abu Garcia and Penn to deliver highest quality products for the lowest available price.

Why choose Anaconda for Atomic angling equipment?

Anaconda won't be beaten on price. That is why we offer our famous lowest available price guarantee on every stocked item. We are Australia's biggest outdoor and adventure retailer, with a huge range of fishing products designed specifically for Australian anglers. Anaconda stores can be found in all major Australian cities and regional centres, and we also offer a superior online shopping experience to ensure you get exactly the right equipment for your style of fishing.



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