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Discover The Innovative AeroPress Coffee Making Range At Anaconda

AeroPress, the brainchild of engineer Alan Adler, revolutionised brewing a delicious cup of coffee when camping in the great outdoors with its ingenious design. This compact, cylindrical device employs air pressure to extract a remarkably smooth and rich cup of coffee. Launched in 2005, its simplicity and portability have made it a favourite among camping enthusiasts. The AeroPress Go caters to diverse preferences, allowing for experimentation with grind size and steeping time. Its cult following appreciates the ability to craft espresso-style shots or a milder brew when on the go. With its blend of innovation and versatility, the AeroPress coffee maker has become an icon in the coffee world, embodying the pursuit of a perfect, personalised cup.

An AeroPress coffee maker stands as the ultimate brewing companion for campers and hikers, blending portability and precision seamlessly. Crafted from lightweight, durable materials, its compact design is a backpacker's dream. With a quick and easy setup, AeroPress Go delivers a consistently exceptional cup, requiring only hot water and your favourite coffee grounds. The method's simplicity minimises cleanup, a crucial consideration in the great outdoors. Whether craving a robust morning espresso or a refreshing iced coffee on a trail, the AeroPress coffee maker accommodates various preferences. Its resilience, efficiency and ability to produce gourmet coffee in the wilderness make it an indispensable tool for coffee-loving adventurers. Shop our entire range of AeroPress coffee makers and AeroPress filters at Anaconda online or in-store today and grab your favourite camping mug for the perfect cuppa!

AeroPress FAQs

How to use AeroPress?

To use the AeroPress coffee maker, start by placing an AeroPress filter in the cap and securing it to the chamber. Add coffee grounds, pour hot water and stir. Attach the plunger and let it steep. After 1-2 minutes, invert the AeroPress, press it over your cup and enjoy a smooth flavorful brew. Compact and travel-friendly, it's perfect for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts.

What is so special about AeroPress Go?

The AeroPress Go distinguishes itself with a groundbreaking brewing method, utilising air pressure for a quick yet remarkably smooth coffee extraction. Its portable design, ease of use and adaptability make it a go-to for enthusiasts. Offering versatility in crafting espresso-style shots or milder brews, the AeroPress Go has become an icon in the coffee world, celebrated for its innovation and ability to deliver a consistently exceptional cup.

Is an AeroPress coffee maker really better than a French press?

The AeroPress and French press cater to different preferences. The AeroPress coffee maker employs air pressure for a cleaner, quicker brew with more control over variables. It's compact and ideal for on-the-go brewing. Whereas the French press offers a full-bodied immersive experience with its steeping method. Both have unique merits, making the choice subjective based on taste and lifestyle preferences.

What type of coffee works best in Aeropress?

The AeroPress is versatile and accommodates various coffee types. However, medium to fine grind size is ideal for optimal extraction. Single-origin beans with bright acidity and balanced flavour profiles shine in the AeroPress, allowing users to explore and appreciate nuanced tasting notes. Experimenting with different coffee varieties enables users to tailor the brewing process to their taste preferences.

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