Top 6 Bodyboards For Summer

Top 6 Bodyboards For Summer

Dive into summer's wave-chasing adventures with our curated guide to the top 6 bodyboards for summer, meticulously selected to elevate your aquatic experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beach enthusiast eager to catch the perfect wave, choosing the right bodyboard is the gateway to endless aquatic thrills. In this blog, we unveil our handpicked selection of the 6 best bodyboards for summer, considering factors like buoyancy, durability and design. Gear up, hit the surf and let the summer vibes carry you to aquatic bliss!

1: Body Glove Bodyboard Method 42.5

The first pick on our list of the best bodyboards for summer is the Body Glove Bodyboard Method 42.5. This bad boy will give you plenty of control in the water thanks to its crescent-shaped tail and water tunnel system design that provides better control when carving up the waves. It is super lightweight thanks to its EPS core and its XPE topdeck gives this adult bodyboard an ultra-smooth top skin for added durability and comfort when riding. This Body Glove bodyboard is suited for riders between 168 and 183cm, and the heat-laminated construction and high-density smooth bottom skin provide additional protection and speed, making it a great adult bodyboard for summer.

2: Body Glove Beach Carver Bodyboard

The next pick on our list is the Body Glove Beach Carver Bodyboard, an excellent choice for riders between 168 and 183cm. This bodyboard features an IXPE top deck, which is a lightweight top skin that provides additional performance when out in the water. Its EPS core makes it super lightweight, which is perfect for transportation, and its high-density smooth bottom skin adds protection and speed when gliding on the water. And lastly, its heat-laminated construction and crescent-shaped tail gives a great amount of control for riders, making it a great choice for a bodyboard for this summer!

3: Body Glove Bodyboard Tidal 37

The Body Glove Bodyboard Tidal 37 is perfect for shorter riders between 116 and 148cm. As an ideal pick for adult bodyboard enthusiasts, it offers a perfect blend of performance and durability. The crescent-shaped tail and IXPE top deck strike a balance that provides both manoeuvrability and stability for riders of various skill levels. The board's robust EPS core promises lasting fun in the sun, and with a thoughtfully designed high-density smooth bottom skin, riders will experience enhanced protection and speed through the waves. For those seeking a reliable and stylish Body Glove bodyboard for summer surf sessions, the Body Glove Bodyboard Tidal 37 is a standout choice, ready to ride the tides with confidence.

4: Body Glove Heritage Bodyboard

The Body Glove Heritage Bodyboard is a stellar choice for bodyboard enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of performance and style. With its durable EPS core, IXPE top deck and HDPE slick bottom, it ensures a smooth and swift ride through the summer waves. The 48-inch length and heat-laminated construction caters to a range of riders, providing stability and control. The crescent tail design enhances manoeuvrability, making it an excellent option for those looking to carve and ride with precision, and its coiled leash means it won't go drifting off after a bail. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Body Glove Heritage Bodyboard guarantees a thrilling and enjoyable summer on the waves.

5: Body Glove Bodyboard Wave 42

Ideal for rider heights between 168 and 183cm, dive into summer vibes with the Body Glove Bodyboard Wave 42, an absolute game-changer for bodyboard riders. Its 42-inch length strikes the perfect balance, delivering both stability and agility for an epic wave-riding experience. Crafted with a durable and super lightweight EPS core and a high-density polyethylene bottom, this Body Glove bodyboard ensures a smooth glide through the sun-kissed surf. The crescent tail design amps up control, letting you carve and cut with finesse. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just catching the summer wave bug, the Body Glove Wave 42 promises an exhilarating ride, making every beach day a memorable adventure.

6: Body Glove Bodyboard Method 42.5

Ideal for riders between 168 and 183cm, the Body Glove Bodyboard Method 42.5 stands out as an impeccable choice for adult bodyboard riders seeking peak performance in summer waves. With its precisely engineered 42.5-inch length, this board combines stability and manoeuvrability flawlessly. The lightweight yet sturdy EPS core ensures optimal buoyancy, while the high-density smooth bottom skin guarantees a swift glide. The board's refined crescent tail design enhances control and responsiveness, making it an excellent companion for advanced riders looking to conquer the surf with precision. Elevate your summer wave-riding experience with the Body Glove Method 42.5 - a testament to expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

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