5 Awesome Outdoor Ideas to Spend Your Australia Day Celebrations

5 Awesome Outdoor Ideas to Spend Your Australia Day Celebrations

Australia Day, January 26th, is a special day for celebrating our nation's diversity and what our great country has achieved. Even though this time is traditionally spent with friends, loved ones and family, social distancing restrictions can make it difficult when planning your celebrations.

Whether it's due to a pandemic or you're wanting to get off the beaten path and explore what this amazing country has to offer, venturing out into the great outdoors is a perfect way to celebrate Australia Day. Here are our top five outdoor activity ideas for kicking back and relaxing during your Australia Day celebrations.

1. Head down to the beach


The first outdoor idea on our list is a very popular one - heading down to the beach. And as Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, chances are you won't have to travel too far. Nothing describes Australia better than sun-kissed sand glistening against a deep blue ocean backdrop. The beach also provides lots of options when it comes to activities.

You can stay cool by grabbing a surfboard or bodyboard and hitting the waves in the ocean, or set up a beach shelter, lay down a beach towel, and relax to the soothing sounds of the waves breaking as they meet the shore.

As the Australian sun is notoriously harsh, make sure you bring along all the beach essentials as well. Apart from a good wetsuit if you're going into the water, you'll also need a pair of thongs to walk comfortably on the hot sand, a protective sunhat, a cooler (because no one likes warm drinks), and of course, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.

2. Have a go at stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding is a great outdoor activity for exercising, relaxing, and celebrating Australia Day! It's also a fun watersport that's easy to get into, so it's perfect for beginners. You also don't need a massive amount of gear to get started - just a SUP paddle board, a paddle, and you're ready to go.

Whether it's a nearby river, lake or beach, you can go stand up paddle boarding pretty much anywhere. If you're new to giving it a go though, you'll be better off paddling in calmer waters until you get the hang of your balance. To ensure you spend your Australia Day on the paddle board rather than underneath it, check out our helpful SUP tips for beginners.

3. Go fishing for the day


Fishing is one of the most true-blue and iconic pastimes in Australia. Nothing beats the relaxation of casting out, taking a seat in your favourite chair and waiting for a fish to bite. You might head out fishing once every week or two, but Australia Day is the perfect excuse to head down to your favourite fishing spot or discover a new one. And of course, to make your day truly special, you need to make sure you have the right fishing gear and equipment.

Don't have a boat? No worries! Australia is literally surrounded by thousands of beaches teeming with fish. Try catching a species you haven't caught before or crack open a cold one and take it easy. If you feel like refining your surf fishing skills, check out our guides for some helpful tips, such as our how to finesse your approach to surf fishing.

4. Try a new hiking trail


Another great Australia Day outdoor activity idea is getting out and exploring a new hiking trail. Whether it's a new local trail you've always thought about traversing but never trekked or somewhere new and more challenging, travelling along a new hiking trail offers incredible views and many awesome photo opportunities.

To ensure you enjoy your time on the trail this Australia Day, pick up all the gear and equipment you need in our hiking collection range. We also recommend packing some food and cold drinks, as once you reach the top of the trail, it's the perfect spot to sit down and have a picnic with your favourite people while celebrating Australia Day.

5. Camp in a national park


We Aussies love camping - it's in our blood. If you're wanting to get away for a few days this Australia Day and turn it into a long weekend, then pack your camping gear and plan a camping trip at one of Australia's many national parks. Unlike setting up a tent in a traditional camping ground, national parks offer an unmatched camping experience due to being protected.

National parks have a huge range of breath-taking geological and natural features, such as roaming wildlife, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, dense forests, and a diverse range of flora. Nothing beats pitching a tent next to a river and falling asleep under the stars to the sound of water calmly flowing by as crickets chirp in the distance.

If you're wanting to celebrate Australia Day a little different this year, then try out one of these awesome outdoor activity ideas for your Australia Day celebrations. If you're wanting to plan a trip away in the 4WD, a trip to the snow, or just looking for fun ways to spend time in the great Australian outdoors, then check out our travel and adventure guides for some inspiration, tips and ideas.




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