Ultimate Guide To Trout Fishing In Tasmania 2022

Ultimate Guide To Trout Fishing In Tasmania 2022

Growing to impressive sizes, trout are a powerful, popular and incredibly fun fish to catch, no matter your skill level. Tasmania is known for some of the best trout fishing spots in the world, and every year people flock from all around the globe to Australia's smallest state for Tasmania's trout season.

With pristine rivers and a breathtaking landscape, it's the perfect destination for the ultimate fishing adventure. Whether you are looking for where the best trout fishing spots in Tasmania are or want to know everything about the trout season in Tasmania, we've got you covered.

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Most Common Trout Fishing In Tasmania Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there trout in Tasmania?

Yes, there is trout in Tasmania. In fact, the first batch of Brown Trout eggs was shipped to Australia in 1864 from England. Since they first hatched and quickly populated the Tasmanian waterways, you can find three species of trout including Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. Tasmania is also well known for its Atlantic Salmon as well.

Do I need a fishing licence in Tasmania?

You will need a fishing license in Tasmania if you are over the age of 14, which also includes fishing on private property and farm dams. You'll also need a separate licence if you're planning on whitebait fishing. However, you don't need a fishing licence if you're fishing on a private fishery that is registered or if you're under 14.

How long is trout season in Tasmania?

Officially, trout season in Tasmania starts in the first weekend of August and runs up until the last weekend of April. However, there's plenty of trout fishing to be had during the other months as well!

Where are the biggest trout in Tasmania?

Lake Cresent is a great spot to catch some of the biggest trout in Tasmania, but this spot is reserved only for fly fishing and artificial lures, so no bait fishing here. You can also expect to catch some large Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, depending on what time you head out.

Can you use a cast net in Tasmania?

You are allowed to use a cast net in Tasmania, but only if the net is over six metres in diameter and is oval/circular with a leaded foot line around the outside of the netting.

Trout Season In Tasmania: Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know

With a huge variety of creeks, rivers and lakes, trout season in Tasmania isn't limited to just a couple of months in the year. We'll break down the main months throughout the year and list when the best times to go trout fishing in Tasmania are.

August to September

When it comes to trout fishing in Tasmania, August is the season that kicks it all off. This is because the highlands are starting to shake off the cold winter fronts, which means the lowland lakes open up to provide some great fishing spots. As many trout will begin to migrate from the sea into connecting lakes, there is plenty of action for trout fishing.

Trout continue to occupy the lakes of Tasmania throughout September, but will also start to swim out to the creeks and rivers as well. Because of this, Brumby's Creek is a popular trout fishing destination for anglers in September.

October to November

It will be in October when the first major mayfly hatches of Blue Winged Olives start to emerge in Tasmania, which will attract plenty of trout into the creeks and rivers. If you're planning on going fly fishing in Tasmania, then October is a great month. By the time mid-October has rolled around, most of the creeks, rivers and lakes will be in high gear for fly fishing.

In November, Tasmania will have plenty of dry fly-fishing spots due to the massive hatches of caddis and mayflies. November is also the perfect month for searching for large trout along the shorelines of the highland lakes. Creeks and rivers will also start to drop, providing lots of accessible points for wading anglers.

December to January

December To January

During December, pretty much all waters in Tasmania are at their peak for fishing. Apart from caddis and mayflies, there are many more surface feeding options due to an increase in damselflies, native bees and dragonflies. December is also when 'shark fishing' begins. It's a term coined by the locals for sight-fishing and is a great opportunity to spot some massive trout swimming near the surface.

By the time January has come around, most anglers will be shark fishing out in the highlands. This is because of the perfect weather consisting of light breezes and clear blue skies. Fewer clouds give plenty of sunlight for sight-fishing and the light breeze provides enough ripples on the surface of the water for excellent cushioning when fly fishing.

February, March to April

The start of February kicks off as a prime month for dry fly fishing, with mayflies increasing as the weather cools down but also seeing caddis hatches slowing down around the end of February. This makes the rivers the best spots for trout fishing in Tasmania as grasshoppers and other large insects attract trout to the surface.

When it hits March, anglers in search of trout head out to the lake edges. Apart from grasshopper fishing, this month also is the perfect opportunity for damselflies, dragonfly and gum beetle fishing. The end of March and beginning of April introduce colder fronts and poorer weather, creating the perfect opportunity for mayfly fishing.


The end of May also means the end of the Tasmanian Brown Trout season. However, there are still many opportunities to hunt down some large-sized Rainbow Trout as larger trout will begin migrating from the lakes into the outlets and inlets of connecting rivers.

June to July

The winter weather is in full swing but the time June and July come around, and because of this, warm fishing spots should be at the top of the list. Most of the waters will be closed due to the trout spawning season, but there are a few private fisheries that offer some fantastic fishing opportunities.

5 Best Spots For Trout Fishing In Tasmania

Now that you have an understanding of the trout season in Tasmania, now it's time to grab your fishing rod, line and tackle box and head out to one of the many fantastic fishing spots. To save you from searching across the state, we've listed the five best spots for trout fishing in Tasmania.

1. Derwent River System

Derwent River System

Beginning at Lake St Clair, the Derwent River is the largest estuary system in Hobart and our first pick for the best trout fishing in Tasmania. This diverse river is home to a variety of different fish species, mainly Black Bream and Sea Run Trout, and offers plenty of fishing methods for anglers throughout the seasons.

When anglers are on the hunt for Sea Trout, they'll commonly head down in September and August, which is when the population of trout is the highest due to the fish migrating upstream. When fishing for Black Bream, they can be found in the Derwent River throughout the year and can be caught using pretty much any fishing method, although bait and lure fishing are the most popular choices.

2. Tyenna River

Tyenna River

Located just 45 minutes outside of Hobart, the Tyenna River flows through the Derwent Valley and is considered a medium fast-water stream. Apart from being an awesome fishing spot for trout, it also offers plenty of breathtaking views of lush green farmlands and surrounding forested areas.

Autumn is one of the best months to go fishing here because the water levels will be low. This means it's more comfortable for trout to swim upstream and hang around the surface to try and catch dry flies - creating the perfect opportunity for catching trout!

3. Western Lakes

Western Lakes

Located in the central plateau of Tasmania, Western Lakes is a World Heritage-listed region and an angler's paradise for trout fishing in Tasmania. Western Lakes is a huge area that is made up of tarns, lagoons and lakes that is situated in terrain that consists of sub-alpine woodland and open moorland.

Even though the area is known for its harsh geography and weather, the many opportunities for catching some of the largest trout in Tasmania definitely makes it worthwhile. Its lakes and lagoons mostly consist of crystal clear waters, making spotting trout as they search for mayflies easy for anglers of any skill level.

4. Coal River & Craigbourne Dam

Coal River & Craigbourne Dam

The fourth spot on our list of the best spots for trout fishing in Tasmania is the Coal River and Craigbourne Dam, which are two fisheries that became joined when the Coal River was dammed due to irrigation purposes. Craigbourne Dam can be fished any time throughout the year and is regularly stocked with Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Adult Brown Trout by the Inland Fisheries Service - so there's always something to catch.

Flowing from the Craigbourne Dam, the Coal River winds its way through lush farmland and consists mostly of deep weed-lined pools. When the river flows are low and clear, Coal River becomes one of the best spots for fly fishing in Tasmania as trout can be seen skimming the weed edges for dry flies. In deeper pools, soft plastic lures are the top choice of bait by the locals.

5. Derwent Valley Region

Derwent Valley Region

Just a 45 minute drive from Hobart is Derwent Valley, the final destination to find the best trout fishing in Tasmania. This stunning valley has a slightly lower elevation in its terrain than compared to other fisheries, making it a smart choice during the trout fishing season when ice and snow start to set in throughout the highland areas.

For the ultimate trout fishing in Tasmanian rivers, you should keep an eye out for the Plenty, Styx and Tyenna Rivers. The best time to head down to these spots is during the end of autumn and summer. This is because the water levels will be low, causing the trout to rise to the surface to catch the resting insects.

Whether you are planning an outdoor adventure for some exciting Tasmanian fly fishing or looking for the best spots for trout fishing in Tasmania, our complete guide has you covered. Now all you need to do is make sure you have the right gear, and our massive fishing range will have everything you need.

Apart from stocking up on all the fishing gear you'll need, read our top tips for trout fishing to make sure that you don't return home empty-handed. And for all things fishing, be check to regularly check out our fishing adventure centre for all the latest tips, fishing destinations, guides and much more.




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