Fun Camping Games For Your Next Camping Trip

Fun Camping Games For Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is the perfect excuse for spending time with the family in the great outdoors, whether your family enjoys exploring new hiking trails, chilling out by the campfire or playing a fun camping game that everyone loves. If you happened to forget to pack the camping games in 4WD before heading out, then don't worry, here are our top picks for the most fun camping games for the family you can play on your next camping trip and how to play them!



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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun camping game in which players search for specific items or complete specific tasks within a certain time frame. To play a scavenger hunt with the family, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Determine the rules and guidelines of the game. For example, you might have to find specific items within a certain area or complete tasks in a certain order. You might also have to work within a time limit.
  • Make a list of the items or tasks that players must complete. You might want to include a mix of easy and challenging items to keep the game interesting.
  • Divide the players into teams, or have them play individually.
  • Give each team or player a copy of the scavenger hunt list and any other necessary materials, such as a map or compass.
  • Set a start time for the scavenger hunt and give players a brief overview of the game.
  • Have the players start searching for the items on the list or completing the tasks. Players can work together or compete against each other to be the first to complete the list.
  • Keep track of the time and remind players of any time limits or deadlines.
  • Once all of the items on the list have been found or all of the tasks have been completed, announce the end of the scavenger hunt. The team or player that finishes first is the winner.

Scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun for all ages and are a great way to encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills - all while having fun camping!

Camping Charades

Camping Charades

Charades is another fun camping game to play with the whole family! Here's how to play camping charades:

  • Divide your family/group into teams of at least 2 players each.
  • Each team takes turns selecting a player to act out a word or phrase without speaking or making noise. The player can use gestures and facial expressions to communicate the word or phrase to their team.
  • The acting player has a limited amount of time (such as 1 minute) to convey the word or phrase to their team.
  • The team must guess the word or phrase before time runs out. If they are successful, they earn a point. If not, the other team gets a chance to guess and earn a point.
  • The game continues until all words or phrases have been acted out, or a predetermined number of rounds have been played.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

To make the game more challenging, you can assign a theme to the words or phrases (such as "movies," "books," or "famous people") or add additional rules (such as no pointing or no using the word "it"). You can also mix things up by having players act out songs or TV show titles instead of just words or phrases.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose - a classic game that is always sure to bring laughter. To play Duck, Duck, Goose with the family, you can follow these steps:

  • First, gather your family members in a circle. Make sure everyone is seated comfortably and has plenty of space to move around.
  • Choose one person to be the "picker," or the person who will walk around the circle tapping each person on the head while saying "duck." This person will eventually tap someone on the head and say "goose," at which point that person will become the new picker.
  • The picker should walk around the circle, tap each person on the head, and say "duck" until they choose someone to be the "goose." When the picker says "goose," the person who was tapped must stand up and chase the picker around the circle, trying to tag them before they can sit down in the goose's spot.
  • If the picker is successful in sitting down in the goose's spot before being tagged, the goose becomes the new picker. If the goose tags the picker before they sit down, the picker must continue as the picker for the next round.
  • The game continues with the new picker walking around the circle, tapping each person on the head, and saying "duck" until they choose a new goose.

You could also consider incorporating branding elements into the game. For example, you could use branded items as props or decorate the playing area with company logos. You could also consider offering prizes or incentives to encourage participation and make the game more exciting for players.

Camping Bingo

Camping Bingo

Bingo is a fun game that can be played while camping with the family. Here's how to play:

  • First, prepare the bingo cards by printing out a set of cards or making your own using index cards. Each card should have a grid of squares, with each square containing a number or word.
  • Next, decide on the prize for the game. This can be a small prize for each bingo or a larger prize for a full card.
  • To start the game, one person will act as the caller. The caller will draw a card from the bingo deck and announce the number or word to the group.
  • Players will mark the called number or word on their bingo cards if they have it. Players can use small objects such as coins or pebbles to mark the squares on their cards.
  • The game continues until a player gets five squares in a row on their bingo card (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). When a player gets bingo, they should shout "Bingo!" and show their card to the group.
  • The game can be played for a set number of rounds or until someone gets a full card. The player with the most bingos at the end of the game wins the prize.

Catch Or Don't Catch

Catch Or Don't Catch

Catch Or Don't Catch is a fun and extremely simple game that can be played while camping or at any other gathering - all you need is a ball or something soft like a pillow. Here's how to play:

  • Have everyone stand in a spaced out circle.
  • Now choose who will be 'it' and give them the ball or soft object.
  • Have the 'it' person stand in the middle of the circle.
  • As the 'it' person throws the object up in the air, they must yell out "catch" or "don't catch".
  • Like the game Simon Says, if someone catches the object when told not to or the other way around, then they are out.
  • The last person in the circle wins the game (and maybe a prize too!)


Torch Tag

Torch Tag is a fun and engaging game, especially when camping. It is basically like tag, but played at night with a torch, which every campsite should have. It combines the fun of hide and seek with the challenge of avoiding the light. Here’s how to play:

  • Each player will need a torch or a headlamp (only the ‘it’ person will use it though, but it’s for safety because you don’t want a bunch of kids running into a dark field at night with no torch). You will also need a clear open space with natural obstacles to hide behind like trees.
  • Then establish the boundaries of the playing area, such as the campsite or a nearby field. Once everyone knows the boundaries, then decide who will be ‘it’.
  • The ‘it’ person will then count down from 30, which should give the other players enough time to find a good hiding spot.
  • The ‘it’ player will then use their torch to try and find all of the hiding players. When they shine the light on a player, they have to call out their name to confirm they have caught the right person.
  • Once everyone has been found, the first person who was caught then becomes to ‘it’ person.


Skipping Rocks

So, what if you don’t have a group and only one child? Well, skipping rocks is a great game to play - as long as you are camping near a body of water and have good-sized rocks available. Also known as ‘skimming’, skipping rocks is the fun game of picking up a rock and throwing it in a way that it ‘skims’ or ‘skips’ across the water - but it takes a while to master though. The person who gets the most skips across the surface of the water wins. There's a joy in mastering the technique of skipping rocks, from finding the right rocks to achieving multiple skips - it can be a very satisfying challenge. Skipping rocks while camping offers a delightful blend of relaxation, skill-building, and connection with the natural world, making it a cherished activity for many campers.


Make An Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course can be a fantastic way to keep kids entertained and active while camping. Here's a guide to setting up a fun and engaging course:

  • You will first need materials to create obstacles such as tents, camping chairs, coolers, hula hoops, sticks or cones (for marking), rope or string. You will also need a stopwatch for timing.
  • Then all you need is a clear area like an open field to start planning out your obstacle course. You can customise it however you want. For example, you can lay down the hula hoops on the ground for the kids to jump in and out of. Another example is you can lay down the string on the ground and pretend it’s a tightrope.
  • However you decide to create your obstacle course, the object of the game should be for everyone to try and complete the course in the fastest time possible.
  • The winner receives a prize of your choosing such as ice cream, stickers, one jelly bean or a solid gold trophy encrusted in flawless diamonds, depending on what your budget will allow.

Creating an obstacle course when camping can be a memorable and exciting experience for kids, combining physical activity with the joy of being outdoors. As one of the best games to play while camping, it encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity while making camping even more fun and adventurous.


Have A Sleeping Bag Race

For this one, all you need is a bunch of players and their sleeping bags! A sleeping bag race is a fun and lighthearted activity that can be enjoyed outdoors. Here's how to organise and participate in a sleeping bag race:

  • Choose a clear, open area where participants can race safely without obstacles.
  • Mark the start and finish lines using cones, sticks, or drawn lines on the ground.
  • When ready, signal the start of the race (for example: "On your marks, get set, GOOOOOOOOOOO!").
  • Participants then hop or wiggle their way inside their sleeping bags and start racing towards the finish line.
  • As participants approach the finish line, have someone stationed there to determine the winners.
  • The first person to completely cross the finish line while still inside their sleeping bag is the winner.

A sleeping bag race is a delightful and fun activity that can bring laughter and enjoyment to any camping adventure.



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