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Discover our range of caravan hoses in stock for drinking and sanitation purposes. Shop caravan water hoses at Anaconda for a convenient water supply.

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Discover The Versatile & Practical Range Of Caravan Hoses At Anaconda

When camping, caravan hoses provide a reliable source of water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and various other camping activities. They allow campers to tap into available water sources at campgrounds or RV parks and ensure a consistent water supply for their needs. As we all know, sanitation is important when camping and access to clean water is crucial for maintaining personal hygiene while camping. Caravan hoses make it easier to set up outdoor showers, wash dishes and keep hands clean, reducing the risk of illness and discomfort.

Our fantastic range of caravan hoses features brands such as Supex, Explore and Camec, and are perfect for filling water tanks on boats, water gardens, rinsing fishing equipment, cleaning the dishes and so much more. Our caravan hoses are designed for easy storage and transport, making them convenient for campers. They can be coiled up neatly when not in use and are typically lightweight, making them suitable for RVs and caravans. Shop our entire range of caravan hoses and drinking water hoses at Anaconda in-store or online today!

Caravan Hoses FAQs

What is the best drinking water hose for a caravan in Australia?

When it comes to using the best drinking water hose for a caravan in Australia, you will need to make sure that the caravan drinking water hose you are using is made from food-grade plastic. The best caravan water hoses are manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2070.

Can you use a normal hose on a caravan?

No, you can't use a normal hose on a caravan. This is because your ordinary garden hose isn't rated for drinking use and may even leech unwanted chemicals into the actual water as you are transferring it to your water tank in your caravan. This is why it's important to always use a caravan drinking water hose.

What kind of hose to use in a caravan?

When it comes to knowing what type of drinking water hose to use in your caravan, always make sure you are purchasing a caravan hose that is specifically labelled for drinking water. They are made from food-grade materials to ensure that you will be supplied with fresh clean water.

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