Ride those glorious waves to your hearts content on one of the wonderful surf board from our range. Browse the surfboards at Anaconda and find the perfect one.

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Can I purchase surfboards at Anaconda?

Yes, as part of its beach and surf range, Anaconda stocks a number of surfboards in a variety of lengths, materials and designs to suit your style of surfing, the type of waves you want to tackle and your budget.

What are surfboards?

Surfboards are used in the sport of surfing. When surfing, a person lies face down on the surfboard and paddles out into the ocean to the point where the waves are beginning to rise. The surfer then turns the board towards the shore, paddles quickly to match the speed of an incoming wave, and quickly stands up, balancing on the board as the breaking wave propels it along.

A variation of the surfboard is the sailboard, which includes a short mast and sail used for windsurfing. Another variation is the body board, which is shorter than a surfboard and is ridden in the prone position. The newest board sensation if the stand-up paddleboard or SUP, which is also available here at Anaconda in the beach and surf range.

A typical surfboard is about 45 to 65 cm wide, 150-300 cm long, and several centimetres thick. It has a lightweight, buoyant core covered with a hard shell. Modern surfboards are usually made of polyurethane or polystyrene foam covered with layers of fibreglass cloth, and polyester or epoxy resin. The result is a light and strong surfboard that is buoyant and manoeuvrable. Recent developments in surfboard technology have included the use of carbon fibre and Kevlar.

What type of surfboard should I buy?

There is much variation in length, width, shape and weight of surfboards, and the perfect surfboard is ultimately a matter of preference for every individual. If you are new to the world of surfing, it might be wise to try several different types of boards to see what feels right for you. You can borrow them from friends, and often along the beach there are places that hire out surfboards too. More experienced surfers will often change the type of surfboard they use as they get better at riding the waves.

What else should I know about surfboards?

Some, but not all, surfboards regularly get treated with wax, to provide the surfer with better grip. It is said not to be necessary for foam surfboards, but preferences vary. Surfboards should be rinsed with clean (not salt) water before being stored away, and kept out of direct sunlight, as this may crack or damage the board. If you use wax, you will have to regularly scrape it off and replace it for best performance.

Does Anaconda sell other boards apart from surfboards?

Yes, check out our whole beach and surf range for a variety of bodyboards and stand-up paddleboards, as well as many other beach and surf accessories and essentials.



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