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Make sure your bike is right where you left it with a high quality, heavy duty bike lock at Anaconda. Complete your bike accessories collection at Anaconda!

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Make sure your bike is right where you left it by securing it with a high quality cable lock, U-lock, chain lock or other bicycle lock method. Whether you are a mountain bike thrill seeker or a commuter who relies on their bike on a daily basis, peace of mind is achieved by using a bike lock that suits your lifestyle. Bike locks are a big deal, and a combo lock or other locking mechanism is the way to ensure your bike is safe. Explore Anaconda bike locks and other bike accessories online or in-store, and get the best available deal every time.  


Anaconda sells highest quality outdoor apparel and equipment, so we are the obvious choice for bike locks also. Anyone who rides regularly for sport or leisure understands the advantages of quality bike accessories. In addition, bike locks can often be universally applied to your mountain bikes, road bikes or commuter bikes, so your ride remains safely hitched. Bike lock styles include various padlock and combination lock designs. 

Big bike lock names available at Anaconda include Kryptonite, with Kryptonite Kryptoflex, Kryptonite New York and the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series bike locks in demand. The ABUS Granit X-Plus is a strong D-lock, while Onguard Doberman key and combo locks are strong and fit for purpose. The Anaconda range of combination locks, folding locks, padlocks and other bicycle lock products is designed to satisfy the needs of bicycles, scooters, e-bikes and even kayaks. Anaconda has the best waterproof and weather-resistant locks on the market. 


Mountain bike, commuter bike, road bike and triathlon bike locks come in a variety of different styles. Here we some common bicycle lock styles and designs.

U-Locks: These bike locks are widely used, and named for the U-shaped locking mechanism. U-locks are known to be effective against thieves, and the padlock and locking mechanism is built to resist hammers and other tools. Remember that U-locks come in various sizes, and you will require a U-lock that matches your bike's frame and wheels. 

Cable Locks: Cable locks add an additional layer of security to bikes. They can be used in tandem with U-Locks for greater theft deterrence. Cable locks are easy to carry in a mountain bike backpack, and are relatively lightweight.

Chain Locks: These bike locks use a specially designed chain link that resists saws and chisels. Your chain lock will need to be fastened with a high quality padlock, and make sure to get a padlock that can't be sawed or cut. Chain locks are useful even if you only need to store your bikes safely at home. If you are away for a few days and appreciate peace of mind, don't forget chain locks, cable, locks, U-locks and combination locks for an added level of security. 


The range at Anaconda includes heavy duty Pitbull products, mini U-locks, integrated chain locks, travel bags, pannier bags and a whole lot more. Adventurous cyclists carry the whole lot with them, including tent, sleeping bag, travel bags, apparel and bike accessories, so it is important to keep everything safe and secure. Backpackers, hikers and campers in Australia can play it safe against bolt cutters with Anaconda key lock and combination lock anti-theft devices for times when high security is advised. Whether you ride a BMX bike, triathlon bike, electric bike, road bike, commuter bike, mountain bike or scooter, you will find highest quality cable locks, U-locks and other bike locks online or in-store at Anaconda.

If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for fast delivery to your door. Anaconda combination bike locks, chain locks and padlocks ensure your belongings are safe and secure, so you can enjoy the Australian outdoors to the max. 



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