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From great brands such as BlackWolf and Dune, we got you covered on your next camping trip! Shop canvas tents at Anaconda today for all the latest deals!

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Can I purchase Canvas Tents at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Many of our customers prefer canvas tents for their camping holiday, and we are pleased to offer a large selection of canvas tents from leading brands such as Dune and Black Wolf, which are in stock throughout the year. The range includes small tents that are perfect for two people through to family sized tents. As a guide, you will need to allow twice the size of your sleeping area or mattress to make sure you have enough room to walk around you bedding as well as store clothes, gear and food in your tent, so make sure you check sizes carefully.

What are the benefits of Canvas Tents?

Canvas tents are made of natural materials. These days this is nearly always cotton, but in the past hemp was often used. Because of that, they tend to be hard-wearing and offer superior temperature control and insulation, as the natural materials keep you cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in colder temperatures. They are also less prone to condensation, as the fabric breathes naturally, and some people find them less noisy too. Finally, the material is more resistant to UV rays, so will be less easily damaged by prolonged exposure to sun than some man-made materials.

Are there drawbacks to Canvas Tents?

Compared with man-made fabrics such as nylon and polyester, canvas is heavier and bulkier, which can make it harder to transport and erect the tent if you have to do it on your own. Canvas tents generally have to be "weathered" to stop it leaking as well. This involves setting it up in the rain or using a hose, to allow the canvas to expand and fill any holes made in stitching the tent. Canvas tents cannot be stored away wet, as they are more prone to developing mould and mildew. Lastly, canvas tents can be costlier than man-made fabrics, but they are generally longer lasting than polyester or nylon tents, so you will have the benefit of them for longer if you look after them.

Won't a Canvas tent let in rain and water?

Cotton tents are not usually coated with a waterproof membrane since the cotton needs to remain breathable and the material is already UV and water resistant. However, some manufacturers have applied a light waterproofing treatment to the cotton. The cotton still retains its breathability, but the treatment means that water will bead off the tent if there is a light shower or morning dew. Innovations like this make cotton more practical for family camping as it helps reduce the drying out time. (Especially important for campsites that insist you leave your pitch by 10am!).

What about rips or tears to the canvas?

Most modern Canvas Tents, such as the ones available at Anaconda, are made from heavy duty rip-stop canvas, which does not easily tear. If you have been unlucky enough to catch part of your tent on a sharp object, or you have suffered some damage due to bad weather, we stock a number of repair kits and products to help you restore the damage to your tent, whatever material it is made of.

What if I am still unsure about Canvas Tents?

If you are new to camping, we would advise that you gather information from experienced campers, from information available online or speaking with regular campers at your nearest camping/caravan club. Our sales staff are always happy to share their experiences too, so please pop in to your nearest Anaconda store or contact us via email and we will do our best to answer all your questions.



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