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Cooler Covers

Cooler Covers

Anyone who goes camping regularly already knows that a portable fridge freezer does not always work on its maximum capacity. To remedy this problem, you can shelter your fridge freezer from the elements with a decent cover.

At Anaconda, customers can find an exquisite collection of fridge freezer covers. Our fridge freezer covers are obtained from the Waeco brand. Waeco fridge freezer covers protect the fridge freezer against the elements, but also against debris. So, by obtaining one of these covers today, you can provide maximum protection against moisture, dust, and dirt!

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How to Keep Your Camping Equipment Safe While Camping?

Campers can probably tell you some stories about their first camping trip. They can tell you many things that went wrong, as well as stuff breaking and getting lost along the way. To prevent the same problem for your first camping trip, we recommend reading through our useful guide below, which will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your camping equipment safe!

What Is the Best Spot for My Tent?

To ensure your equipment stays as safe as possible, it is vital to choose a good spot for your tent. Do not place your tent in any area that is prone to flooding, something you can usually detect from checking the ground and the surrounding area. Putting your tent on a slope is not a good idea either, since you are bound to catch loads of wind!

How Do I Protect Expensive Items Such as Outdoor Fridge Freezers?

Many people like to take their own fridge freezer when they go for a camping trip in the great outdoors but are often surprised when their fridge freezer breaks down quickly. The reason is exposure to the elements, since rain and debris can affect the functionality of your outdoor fridge freezer.

Fortunately, there are some useful covers available today, which includes the Waeco covers at Anaconda. By using such a cover, you can protect your fridge freezer against the weather elements and use it for many other camping trips in the future.

Campers that take an entire kitchen setup with them on their camping trip should also learn about tarps. A good tarp can keep your entire kitchen area safe, but it can also protect your dining area! So, if you do not want to be stuck inside a tent all day when it starts raining, be sure to acquire a tarp you can span over your expensive camping equipment.

How Do I Keep Clothes Safe?

A common problem beginners face is wet clothing, mainly because they forget that camping can sometimes be a wet situation once it starts raining. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive ways to protect your clothing against the elements.

Plastic bags are perfect to store your clothing and other items that could get wet. Be sure to seal the bags properly though, otherwise moisture could still enter and ruin some of your finer outdoor clothing.

There are some storage solutions available that could help to keep clothing and other essentials dry. Of course, the storage solutions you obtain will depend heavily on the amount of space you have during your trip. Hikers tend to pack light, while campers who head out for their camping trip in the car can afford to take some additional storage boxes and other storage solutions.

How Do I Keep the Inside of My Tent Dry?

This is also a common question we get at Anaconda. Campers who head out for the first time always find the inside of their tent somewhat damp, despite the fact they bought one of the finer tents on the market.

When you are out camping, remember that humidity can come from anywhere; this includes any wet outerwear, shoes, and socks. If it has been raining, make sure you take off any wet clothing and shoes and put them in an appropriate storage bag to prevent them from altering the humidity in your tent.

After a rainy camping trip, it is also necessary to let the tent dry out completely before you store it away. Even though tents are made from sturdy and strong materials, they can still be susceptible to mould when they are not dried properly.

How Do I Prevent Theft on a Camping Trip?

When you are camping on a campground, it is not uncommon for stuff to go missing. While it may be a sad testament to the trustworthiness of your camping neighbours, it is best to be fully prepared and protect your valuable stuff.

During a camping trip, it is always best to leave your most expensive gadgets at home. So, instead of taking that new tablet, better to leave it somewhere safe than exposed to all your neighbours on the campground.

Still, there are some ways to protect items such as phones and other valuables during a camping trip. There are special camping safes, but also smaller packs that can be kept on you all the time. Of course, you could also leave your valuables in your vehicle. Just make sure they are out of sight and that your vehicle is locked.

Can I Get Supplies to Keep My Camping Equipment Safe at Anaconda?

Anaconda provides a full range of camping equipment, but also items to keep that camping equipment safe. So, whether you need a new tarp or some storage solutions for your tent, you are bound to find it in our catalogue.

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