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Let Anaconda get you well-prepared with your climb from an extensive range of climbing gear! Get equipped for your climbing endeavours and visit us today!

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Can I purchase climbing gear at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda stocks a wide range of climbing essentials, accessories and more. The range includes helmets and harnesses, carabiners, ropes and belay devices plus other useful tools, storage and gadgets.

What should I look for when buying climbing gear?

It's becoming more and more common to shop online rather than to take time out from our busy lives to physically visit a shop. The convenience, range of choice, and great prices make buying online incredibly attractive. Shopping online is often the easiest way to buy climbing gear, and it's safe if you shop through a well-known and established retailer such as Anaconda. Of course, if fit is critical to performance, for instance with helmets or harnesses, it may be wiser to shop in person at one of the physical stores. Find them with our convenient store locator.

Why should I buy my climbing gear at Anaconda?

Anaconda sells climbing gear from reputable and trusted brands and manufacturers. Buying unbranded or unknown items may compromise your safety, as there is no way of knowing if these items have been tested to comply with international safety standards. Counterfeit and second-hand products, often found online, may also put your safety at risk.

What are belay devices?

A belay device (sometimes also called a rappel device) is a metal clamp that cinches on the rope. This braking action lets you hold a fellow climber on rope tension, or rappel. Rappel/belay devices can be as plentiful in design as fishing lures. Mainly there two basic designs, the "tube," (few are actually tube-shaped these days, but years ago most were, and the name stuck), and "brake assist" types.

The tube is the most economical, lightest and versatile design, allowing you to belay and rappel on single and double ropes. Some tube designs are partly self- locking, offering a brake-assist without any moving parts. Other designs might have only one slot, for a single rope.

Brake-assist devices have an internal cam or other feature that pinches the rope when it is weighted. These are popular among sport and gym climbers. Brake-assist devices are more expensive, heavier, and more complicated to use than the simpler tube.

How should I choose a climbing harness?

Harnesses are attached to the rope and allow you to climb safely up a rock face. They should be comfortable without being restrictive, but also fitted to stop you from falling out when on a route.

Harnesses are essential for supporting you on a climb and should be looked at as an investment purchase. Able to sustain your body weight as you climb, a harness should be unrestrictive yet snug, allowing you flexibility without risk.

There are several types of harness, including the sit harness, the chest harness and the full body harness.



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