5x Awesome Spots To Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding Near Brisbane

5x Awesome Spots To Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding Near Brisbane

Brisbanites can't get enough of the water, whether it's surfing the waves down at Cylinder Beach or catching a flathead at Hornibrook Bridge. There are plenty of watersports that are great for getting out in the fresh air, whether to relax or stay active, but nothing quite scratches this itch like standup paddleboarding.

Also referred to as SUP, stand up paddleboarding is best described as a cross between surfing and kayaking. It's perfect for a wide range of hobbies, from giving your whole body an excellent workout to relaxing your mind as you glide across calm, glistening waters.

If you've never had a go before, had a couple of lessons under your belt or want to refresh your skills after a long hiatus, then here are the five most awesome spots near Brisbane to go stand up paddleboarding for beginners.

The Caboolture River, Caboolture

If you're looking for a good spot to practice stand up paddle boarding in Brisbane's north side, then the Caboolture River is where you'll find it. Beginning at Deception Bay, this long stretch of river winds its way through Caboolture until separating into smaller branches throughout Campbells Pocket.

As a calmer alternative to the Brisbane River, it's a great spot for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders who want calm waters and picturesque scenery. If you want to go downstream, then launching just off Lower King St is best, and the mouth of the Caboolture River is a great spot for going upstream.

You'll enjoy incredible views of the surrounding parks and lush bushland as you wind your way under bridges and paddle through connecting waterways. If you don't want to hire your own board, we have an awesome range of paddleboards and gear with everything you'll need.

Enoggera Reservoir, The Gap

Enoggera Reservoir

Only a 30-minute drive from Brisbane CBD, the Enoggera Reservoir is one the best stand up paddleboarding destinations for beginners. This heritage-listed freshwater reservoir offers calm, flat waters all year round that are perfect for a peaceful, leisurely paddle while enjoying the sights.

Because it's sheltered by surrounding land, you won't have to deal with choppy waters, unless you're venturing out during an extremely windy day. Even though it's a popular destination, you won't have any trouble paddling out to a secluded spot and taking in the tranquil views. You might even spot a platypus or two amongst the lily pads!

There's also grassy banks to enjoy a picnic, and exploring the Araucaria track, which stretches 5kms around the entire reservoir. It's a great way to scope out the area to find the best paddleboarding spot and enjoy the amazing sights of the surrounding pine forest and diverse wildlife.

Pumicestone Passage, Donnybrook

Pumicestone Passage

The Pumicestone Passage is widely considered a magical slice of paradise by any stand up paddleboarding enthusiast. This massive waterway stretches an enormous 35kms from Deception Bay all the way to the tip of Bribie Island in the Sunshine Coast!

This means you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good launching spot. If you're a beginner or want to enjoy a day out paddling with the kids, Golden Beach in Caloundra is a great place to start. The waters will be much calmer there because it's sheltered from the strong tidal influence by the long arm of Bribie Island.

Roughly 80% of the Pumicestone Passage is under two metres deep, making it a great stand up paddleboarding spot for all ages. It's also a good idea to bring your (waterproof) camera as there'll be plenty of scenic views of golden sandy banks, pristine waters and the majestic silhouettes of the Glasshouse Mountains in the distance.

Crockatt Park, Woody Point

Whether it's spending the day sailing, venturing out in the kayak or enjoying a beautiful sunset view on the paddleboard, Crockatt Park is a very popular spot for Brisbanites who can't get enough of the water. Its calm, serene waters create a fantastic spot for beginners to practice their paddleboarding skills.

You'll enjoy gorgeous views of Clontarf Beach in the distance, a diverse range of birds and sea life near Shorncliffe Pier, and people dropping lines and casting nets from the jetty. Make sure you paddle past the HMQS Gayundah, which is an old gunboat that was shipwrecked back in 1958 and now serves as a popular attraction.

Nestled near the tip of Woody Point, Crockatt Park is also equipped with a wide range of facilities to make the most out of your day. You can grab a bite to eat down at the local fish and chip shops and caf├ęs, light up a barbeque at their sheltered picnic areas, and lot's of awesome fishing spots to hit up. To ensure you bring back a good haul though, make sure you got the right fishing gear before heading out.

Hays Inlet, Moreton Bay

Located in the north-western corner of Moreton Bay, Hays Inlet is a popular stand up paddleboarding destination for one main reason: relaxed, calm waters. The inlet begins just off Lachlan Street Park and sprawls inland towards Hays Inlet Conservation Park.

If you're looking for a tranquil and peaceful paddleboarding spot near Brisbane to practice your skills while relaxing your mind, then Hays Inlet is the spot for you! Its intertidal flats are perfect for paddling past as sea eagles fly overhead and crabs scuttle by on the banks, and finding your inner zen as you gently drift through otherworldly eucalyptus and mangrove forests.

There's also a handful of fun directions to paddle out to and explore, such as travelling up Freshwater Creek or, if you're feeling confident in your paddleboarding skills, heading down the western run of North Pine River. No matter which spot you choose to launch from, you'll be fully immersed in the vast range of stunning environmental habitats.

In Conclusion

In conclusion

Stand up paddleboarding is a unique watersport that offers something for everyone, whether they want to compete and test their skills, take it easy and relax over the weekend, or keep fit with a fun whole body workout. Now you know where the best stand up paddle boarding spots near Brisbane for beginners are, check out our complete guide to stand up paddleboarding to learn some great tips to help you out.

Also, be sure to check out our great paddleboard range to make sure you have the right gear before paddling out.




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