The Alvey Story

The Alvey Story

The manufacturing history of the Alvey company is as diverse as it is long. The legendary home-grown fishing manufacturer is famous for its iconic sidecast reels that are well-known to be virtually indestructible.

Alvey has always taken pride in manufacturing everything within its capacity in-house, which has led to a diverse range of manufacturing skills and equipment under one roof. It has also meant that quality control has always been a top priority.

The company was started in 1920 by Charles Alvey, with the first reel, the V20, being sold in the first quarter of the same year. Fast forward to today, with many highs and lows in-between, the company celebrated its 100th birthday in 2020 and the future looks bright.


Alvey reels

When you purchase an Alvey fishing reel you can rest assure that you won't be let down. Alvey reels are built to best practice standards and are in fact so robust they can be dunked in the ocean for a quick rinse if exposed to beach sand! Any saltwater angler will know just how unique and welcomed that is, as saltwater is typically quick to destroy any traditional fishing reel.

No bearings. No gears... No problems!

So, while Alvey reels have always been synonymous with durability and rigidity, they aren't the only features anglers have come to love.

No other style of fishing reel allows the line to run directly over your index finger while you retrieve your line - this form of fishing is extremely sensitive and enables you to feel even the smallest of bites. That can prove the difference between a cracking day and going home empty handed.

Most Alvey reels use what is commonly known as a sidecast fishing action which means the reel is turned sideways to cast. Alvey's unique sidecast system is very easy to master, and once mastered you will be casting like a champion. Alvey reels have the capability of casting so far that the late Jack Alvey won a long-distance casting medal at the International Casting Championship.

As mentioned above, Alvey sidecast reels are built to withstand the rigours of beach and rock fishing via quality components and a simple design. In a somewhat surprising move, the company has moved into the spinning reel market, and aims to deliver the same pedigree to hold onto its loyal following that expects high quality, hassle-free equipment.


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