3 of the best fishing lures to catch a MONSTER Murray Cod

by Dean Norbiato

3 of the best fishing lures to catch a MONSTER Murray Cod

Narrowing down the plethora of Murray cod candy on the Australian market to just three lures is as hard to do as answering who is your favourite child. Luckily I don't have kids, just yet.

When it comes to Murray cod fishing, the best way to break down this cod conundrum is to look at three complimenting options that cover all levels of the water column - top, middle and bottom.

Let's start from the top.


Top Water Lures

Aaron Hill with a textbook Jackall Pompadour Murray cod

Nothing has caused more of a surface storm in the Murray cod lure scene than the seemingly diminutive Jackall Pompadour that hit our shores back in 2015. At 79mm in length and 22gm in weight, it's a lightweight brawler fighting in the heavyweight Murray cod fishing category.

Straight out of the packet, you'll notice the foldable wings that snap shut when you cast. These metal wings, paired with the magnetic fixed centre of gravity movement system, aids pinpoint casting, even for the novice goodoo angler.

Once you've delivered your perfect cast and kick-start the Pompadour into action, you'll instantly hear the calamity caused by the paddling wings and oscillating back fizzer as they whizz and gargle into action.
This unique sound silhouette has an uncanny ability to call cod from even the deepest, darkest recesses up to the surface for an opportunistic feed.

The final clincher that saw the Pompadour make the podium was the ability for it to be worked at ultra slow speeds and even propped on the spot, while not being out of the game when whooshed across the roof at a brisk pace.


Mid Water Deep Diver

Rod Mackenzie with 120cm of StumpJumper smashing Murray cod

If you quiz any cod angler worth their salt about hardbody divers, the conversation inevitably leads to the ubiquitous StumpJumper. Born on the sunburnt Victorian banks of the Murray River in 1986, the name StumpJumper is synonymous with big cod.

Based on the precise angle of the interchangeable bib, the floating StumpJumper will do what it says on the tin and leap over underwater logs on both the troll or cast.

At 105mm in length, sporting VMC hooks and coming with two interchangeable bibs that cover from 3.5m to 8m in depth, the depth versatility of this impressive Murray cod lure is a key reason you'll find one or two in every cod fisherman's tacklebox, including the Murray Codfather himself, Rod Mackenzie.


Rolling In The Deep

Eyes on the Bassman prize

Rounding out the top three Murray cod must-haves is the only sinking lure in the trio, the Bassman spinnerbait. These Australian made Murray cod lures are the brainchild of Sue and Glen Casey, who have been making tournament-grade Murray cod spinnerbaits for more than two decades.

These individually handcrafted spinnerbaits feature one of the world's best ball bearing swivels, stainless steel spring wire, chemically sharpened hooks, all finished off with pulsating silicone skirts and a curtail soft plastic.

Coming in a range of headweights, blade configurations and colours means there is literally a Bassman for every deep-water cod application. My personal favourite for Murray cod fishing is also a great all-rounder, the Bassman Codman spinnerbait that's ideally suited for fishing depths between two to six metres.

The Bassman Codman Tandem Spinnerbait, with twin Colorado blades, is another great option for anglers looking to target deeper water and the big cod that inhabit those aquatic playgrounds.

The beauty of these baits is they are super simple to use and only require the angler to cast them out, wait till they hit the bottom, then start a slow wind back to the rod tip. Just make sure you hold on.


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