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A well maintained boat can last a lifetime! Anaconda helps you get the marine results you are looking for with quality boat wash and polish. Shop now!

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Why choose marine wash & polish products at Anaconda?

Real boaties are proud of their vessel's appearance. Keeping everything looking good takes dedication, and with the assistance of targeted marine wash and polish products, your boat will look great from bow to stern. Anaconda advantages include a huge cleaning product range, with every item designed for specific onboard wash and polish purposes.

Anaconda has the wash & polish range you are looking for, plus prices that can't be beat. We partner with Boaters Edge to bring you the latest products and cutting-edge solutions to cleaning and maintenance issues that are encountered on small and large vessels. With Anaconda on your side, your marine, boating, fishing and outdoor equipment and apparel is taken care of.

What are some available wash & polish products?

There are a lot of innovative, powerful and versatile wash and polish products available at Anaconda. Here are just a few ideas:

Boaters Edge Hull Cleaner: You already expect a battle when confronting a hull cleaning job, so it is advisable to approach the task with a formulated cleaner that can easily remove rust stains, waterline stains, marine growth and scum stains etc. Boaters Edge Hull Cleaner does all the above without harming fibreglass, metal or painted surfaces.

Boaters Edge Cleaner Wax: Stay one step ahead of stains and algae by using Boaters Edge Cleaner Wax that cleans, shines and protects all-in-one. Wax restores tired surfaces, protects painted surfaces, and repels water and oils to maintain an even and shiny surface.

Boaters Edge Fabric Clean: Outdoor marine fabrics require scheduled cleaning and occasional servicing to remain in top shape. Anaconda makes the job easy with Boaters Edge Fabric Clean marine formula that dissolves stains and removes grease without bleaching or discolouring. Clean your boat seats, biminis, sails and even bunks.

Boaters Edge Carpet Clean: This exceptional marine grade cleaner quickly dissolves oil stains, grease, dirt, grime and salt. Boaters Edge Carpet Clean is well-known at sea and on dry land, and is often the carpet cleaner of choice for campers, 4WDs, trucks and motorhomes.

Does Anaconda stock other marine maintenance products?

We sure do. Our extensive marine and boating product range includes marine oils and lubricants, marine safety products, chandlery products, anchors and mooring, navigation equipment, motors, fuel and onboard storage solutions. At Anaconda, we cover all bases for outdoor boating adventures with a focus on safety and fun, and we have the product range to make it happen for you. If you are looking for waterproof electrical circuitry, safe storage for flares and torches, marine-standard brackets and rails, or wash & polish products to make your vessel shine, explore Anaconda online or in-store.

Does Anaconda have fishing equipment?

The Anaconda fishing equipment range is a major reason for our ongoing popularity. We have hundreds of top-shelf fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing bags and fishing accessories worth exploring. We are proud to showcase products from big name brands including Penn, Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Berkley, Daiwa and other leading fishing brands. Australia is a famous angling nation, and Australian anglers understand quality products available at Anaconda.

If shopping online for wash & polish products or any other great Anaconda products, purchasing is fast and convenient. Simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for speedy service and delivery to your door. It really is that easy at Anaconda, so what are you waiting for?



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