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A well-maintained boat can last a lifetime! Anaconda helps you get the marine results you are looking for with our high-quality range of boat wash and boat polish. From salt removers and wax to carpet cleaners, stain removers, hull cleaners and more, shop our entire range of boat wash today!

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How to Wash & Polish Your Boat the Right Way

It's important to keep your boat clean, polished and well-maintained to increase its longevity, otherwise problems will start to arise. To make sure your boat is kept nice and clean, here's a few quick tips on how to wash and polish your boat the right way:

  • First, make sure you have the right equipment and marine accessories. You'll need a large wash bucket (or two), one soft and one stiff brush, a microfibre towel/cloth, a durable sponge, and of course, boat wash and boat polish. Explore our range of boat wash and polish to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Remember to spray your boat down with water to wash away any loose grime and debris from the boat's surface, as scrubbing while your boat is still dry will lead to damage. Add the boat wash product to your bucket of water and start scrubbing the boat, beginning at the highest point and working your way to the lowest (so the water drains naturally).
  • Once the exterior is cleaned, rinse it down and give your boat a good wipe with the microfibre towel. Make sure the windows are spot-free with a sponge and that any interior carpet has been cleaned.
  • Polishing your boat is important for giving new life to any tired metal surfaces. Applying a little bit of boat polish to metallic surfaces such as stainless steel, brass copper, nickel or aluminium will protect it from staining, oxidation and rust. Make sure you rub in a circular motion using a clean and soft cloth.

What Other Marine Accessories & Supplies Can I Find at Anaconda?

Boat Fit Out & Accessories

Our huge range of boat fit out and accessories has everything you need to make sure your next boating trip is fun and safe. From upholstered boat seats and bait boards to biminis, rod holders, boat covers, battery boxes and much more, you'll find it all at Anaconda.

Boat Maintenance Supplies

As we mentioned before, ensuring that your boat is well-maintained and in tip-top shape is essential for any boatie. To make sure your boat is always looking its best, our massive range of boat maintenance supplies includes musket guns, hull cleaner, engine flush, stain remover, outboard boat oil and lots more.

Marine Electronics

Having trouble finding a good fishing spot, need better navigation equipment or some good boat speakers while out on the water listening to tunes? Featuring a huge selection of fishfinders, nav sensors, marine radios, speakers, antennas and more, our huge range of marine electronics has all your needs covered.

Marine Safety Equipment & Devices

At Anaconda, we know just how important safety is when sailing out on the boat, whether with friends and family or by yourself. In our great range of marine safety equipment, you will find a huge selection of marine safety kits, inshore and offshore flare kits, boat compasses, handheld horns, safety grab bags and more, ensuring your time on the water is always safe.

Motors & Fuel

Whether you are after a durable kayak motor or a quality electric outboard motor, Anaconda has you covered. Our massive range of motors and fuel includes everything you need to get your vessel moving, such as onboard fuel tanks, mounted electric motors, tank and hose fittings, fuel hoses and more.

Boat Trailer Accessories

Why put up with all the hassle of getting your kayak, boat or vessel to the water when you don't have to? By exploring our huge range of boat trailer accessories, you can easily transport your vessel to and from the water with our selection of electric winches, snap hooks, trailer blocks, harnesses, trailer wheels, cable kits and much more.

Find the Right Boat Wash & Polish at Anaconda

If shopping online for boat wash and polish products or marine supply and accessories, purchasing from Anaconda is fast and convenient. Simply make a wishlist, add the products to your shopping cart, and then proceed to checkout for speedy service and delivery to your door. It really is that easy at Anaconda, so what are you waiting for?

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