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Discover The Deluxe Range Of Gazebos At Anaconda

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in Australia or having fun with friends and family in the backyard, a gazebo is essential for staying protected from the harsh rays of the sun, staying comfortable during hot weather and beating the glaring sun. Designed to provide effortless shade and built to be strong and durable, the fantastic range of gazebos at Anaconda will tick all the boxes when entertaining this summer!

Our range of gazebos features well-known brands including Dune, Spinifex and Oztrail, and are available in a range of sizes to suit any area you are camping in. Our high-quality gazebos are made from strong materials such as 150D polyester, are UPF rated and come with handy features such as one push lock and release locking mechanisms. With a flexible design that allows a range of versatile applications, explore our fantastic range of gazebos at Anaconda in-store or online today.

Gazebo FAQs

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a free-standing structure that typically features a square or rectangle shape and is the ultimate option for providing portable shade when camping or entertaining in the great outdoors. Its design will generally consist of four metal poles and a roof/covering that extends upwards into a triangular shape. When sides are attached, a gazebo is perfect for all types of weather.

How to put up a gazebo

Follow these simple steps for the best way on how to put up a gazebo:

  1. Once you have found the best location, start by unfolding the frame but don't fully extend it outwards.
  2. Throw the canopy over the gazebo frame and then secure each corner.
  3. Once the canopy is in place and secured, begin extending out the frame by slightly lifting it and walking backwards. This step should be done with at least one other person.
  4. Then simply lock the frame in place and adjust the legs to your desired height.

Is a gazebo better with sides on or off in wind?

The answer depends on how strong the wind is. If you don't want everything blowing around in the wind, then a gazebo with sides is going to be the better option. However, gazebos are safe at wind speeds up to around 45 km. When strong wind speeds are faster than this, it is much safer to just completely take down the gazebo to prevent any damage to it.

Can you leave a gazebo up all the time?

Yes, you can leave a gazebo up all the time if you prefer - as long as it is made out of durable and strong materials that can withstand the surrounding environment and is secured into the ground. However, if you aren't sure, then it is always a better option to take down your gazebo when you aren't using it.

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Check out our incredible range of gazebos at Anaconda and make sure that you have the best gear for your next outdoor adventure! At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, Club deals, payment options and new arrivals that you won't be able to resist. Browse our entire camping range including awnings & shades, caravan awnings, gazebo walls, shades & shelters and more, and check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as our Gazebo Buying Guide and our Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist.



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