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Choosing The Best Fit - How To Select Your Shirt?

Shirts never go out of style, so everyone should have a couple of these in their wardrobe. When you shop for shirts, there are some basic guidelines to take into consideration, this to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort. If you are curious how you could choose the best fit, be sure to read the guide from Anaconda below.

How Do I Know A Shirt Fits Right?

There are some indicators of a good-fitting shirt. When you are unsure about some of your current shirts, there are some simple tips and tricks you can look at before you buy shirts in the same size.

One of the ways you can check the fit of the shirt is by looking at the seams around the shoulder. If your shirt fits correctly, the seam should be at the corner of the shoulder bone. If it lies higher, the shirt is too small for your needs. If it lies lower, then your shirt is too big.

The size of your collar is important too, as collars that are too big can cause quite a bit of discomfort. When you close your collar, you should be able to put two fingers between your neck and your collar. If you cannot do that, the collar is too small for the size of your neck.

Your shirt should also fit beautifully around the torso. Since this aspect may be difficult to evaluate, try on a shirt and pull some of the fabric away from the torso. If the shirt has the right fit, you should not be able to move it further than six centimetres.

What Are Indicators For An Ill-Fitting Shirt?

Most people can feel something is not quite right when they purchase a shirt that does not fit them correctly. If you do not feel comfortable with that sort of thing, there are some clear indicators of an ill-fitting shirt.

One of the indicators of a poorly fitting shirt is tightness around the arms. If you put on your shirt and feel very restricted on the arms, you might need a size up. Tightness around the arms also makes you appear bigger, so it is probably not the most flattering thing for your body type.

Shirts can also be too short, this is a problem many tall men encounter. In extreme cases, you will immediately notice that a shirt is too short. However, there are some minor indicators as well. Firstly, you must be able to tuck your shirt in your trousers. Secondly, your shirt should stay in the trousers even if you raise your arms. If the shirt becomes dislodged or raises, you have an ill-fitting shirt and must consider a size up.

Which Collar Should I Get For My Shirt?

As you may know already, shirts can have different kinds of collars. The collar type is somewhat important, as your body type will determine how good the collar will look on you. Some collars are also more formal than others, so you must consider the intended use of the shirt before you decide.

If you are built a little heavier, it is a good idea to look for pointed collars. A pointed collar on a shirt can have a slimming effect, so this type of collar is also suitable for those with a wider face.

Can I Wear A Shirt If I Have A Slim Build?

A lot of people do not like to wear a shirt if they have a slim build, this because it makes them appear lost in the shirt. That being said, considering the following tips during the selection of your shirt will ensure you have the right fit shirt that looks fashionable on you.

The fit of a shirt is extremely important for everyone, but even more important for guys with a slim build. When you are thin by nature, an ill-fitting shirt will not be flattering whatsoever. To ensure your shirt fits properly for your slim build, always go over the tips we described earlier when you try on shirts. Sizes can be difficult for every kind of build, which is why it is vital to take measurements before you order a shirt.



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