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How To Decide On A New Hoodie? Check Out The Useful Information Provided By Anaconda!

Choosing a new hoodie is straightforward for most, but what if you are purchasing a hoodie for specific outdoor use? Maybe you will be spending some time in a colder environment? Or are you considering a hike in the great outdoors? These are all questions that could make your hoodie selection a little more complicated.

Below, Anaconda has created a useful guide to hoodies, this includes subjects such as hoodie materials and even styles. If you are stuck on choosing a specific hoodie, why not benefit from this valuable information to pick the right one?

What Fabric Materials Are Used In Hoodies?

A large variety of fabrics can be used in hoodies, this since fabric fibres have different properties depending on their source. Below, we have mentioned the most common fabric fibres used for hoodies.

Fleece - This material has been a staple for outdoor hoodies, as the material is warm as well as breathable. The maintenance of fleece is also easy, which explains why it can be a popular option for hoodies overall.

Cotton - Another popular material for hoodies, especially in areas where rain is quite common. Cotton fabric fibres tend to be moisture-wicking, enabling the wearer to stay as dry as possible. In some cases, cotton can also be combined with other materials to enhance its properties, this may include polyester or another manmade material.

Wool - This material is known for its warmth and temperature-regulating properties. In fact, wool is quite similar to fleece, even though their origins are quite different. To maximise the potential of wool, it can also be combined with fleece.

Nylon - If you need to face heavy rain when you find yourself in the great outdoors, nylon could be the better choice. Nylon repels water unlike any other, although it is less comfortable than cotton, fleece or wool. To counter this, many manufacturers will use a blend of natural fabric fibres and nylon.

Available Hoodie Styles

As you may know already, the actual style of a hoodie may vary considerably. The drawstring hoodie is probably the most common, but you can also encounter some with buttons and snap fasteners. Velcro can be an option for children but is less common for adults.

When it comes down to hoodie styles, you must also remember that certain hoodies include a removable hood. Removable hoods can make a hoodie more versatile, which can be useful for people who find themselves in changeable weather conditions. If you are going on a hiking trip and deal with both sun and rain, a removable hoodie can help you adapt to the change in temperature a little better.

Which Hoodies Are Most Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Once again, this depends on the weather conditions you will encounter. Still, if you are searching for a hoodie, it is likely you will encounter colder temperatures.

When you are looking for a good hoodie for a hiking or camping trip, you must ensure your hoodie can withstand some common weather conditions, this may include rain and in some cases snow. Therefore, hoodies with water-wicking or water-resistant properties are usually best.

How Do I Clean A Hoodie?

The maintenance of your hoodie will be subject to the material it is made of. Fortunately, hoodies will always have a care label, this label contains valuable information regarding to its maintenance. For example, the label can tell you the most suitable temperature for your washing cycle and tumble dryer.

Depending on the materials used for a hoodie, there are some rare cases where you cannot place a hoodie in the tumble dryer. When this happens, you may have to leave your hoodie to air dry.

Which Hoodies Can I Get From Anaconda?

Anaconda has a beautiful range of hoodies, suitable for variable weather conditions. We have hoodies with a water-resistant shell, but also hoodies made to provide additional warmth and temperature-regulating properties. So, when you look at our range of hoodies, you will undoubtedly find a hoodie to meet your requirements.

For a full overview of our hoodies and their sharp prices, please check out our hoodies catalogue. However, do not forget to look at some of our other outerwear!



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