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When it comes to an outdoor adventure with the family, kids' sleeping bags are crucial for camping as they provide a tailored and comfortable sleeping environment for children. Our fantastic range of youth sleeping bags are designed with the smaller size and unique needs of children in mind, ensuring a safe and enjoyable camping experience. The right fit, insulation and safety features of a child's sleeping bag contribute to a good night's sleep for your child. Additionally, the portability and fun designs of our range of children's sleeping bags make them a practical and engaging choice for young campers.

Featuring many well-known brands in the camping industry such as Spinifex, OZtrail and BlackWolf, our range of kid's sleeping bags offers various types of insulation such as synthetic or down, providing warmth in different temperature ranges. With a huge selection of kid-friendly designs and colours, and child-friendly features like easy-to-use zippers and hoods, shop our entire range of kid's sleeping bags for camping online or in-store at Anaconda today.

Kids Sleeping Bags FAQs

Do kids need a smaller sleeping bag?

Yes, kids should use a child sleeping bag when camping. Children's sleeping bags are designed with their smaller size in mind, providing better insulation and comfort. A properly sized sleeping bag ensures that your child stays warm and secure, promoting a more enjoyable camping experience.

Are kid's sleeping bags safe for 5 year olds?

Yes, kid's sleeping bags are generally safe for 5-year-olds as long as they are used correctly. They are designed with safety features such as secure zippers and age-appropriate materials. Just remember to always follow manufacturer guidelines, supervise usage and avoid loose bedding inside the bag. Safety is paramount for a positive camping experience.

What size are children's sleeping bags?

The typical child sleeping bag dimensions are 180 x 75 cm. Children's sleeping bags come in various sizes to accommodate different age groups. Common sizes include regular (for elementary-age children) and youth (for older kids). It's essential to choose a size that provides a snug fit for warmth but allows enough room for comfort. Always refer to the specific product's size chart for accurate measurements.

Is a child's sleeping bag worth it?

Yes, a child's sleeping bag is worth it for camping or sleepovers. Designed for smaller bodies, they offer better insulation and ensure your child stays warm. They also provide a sense of security and comfort, making the camping experience more enjoyable. Investing in a quality child's sleeping bag is a practical and worthwhile choice for outdoor adventures or indoor use.

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