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Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Lowrance Fish Finders!

Lowrance is one of the world's most prominent brands for fish finders and fish sonar. The company focusses on bringing affordable technology to fishing lovers, while also providing a bunch of extra features with each piece of technology.

Do you want to get more familiar with the fish finders and fish sonar from the Lowrance brand? For more information about their products and the company itself, please read the information below!

What Is the History of the Lowrance Brand?

Lowrance is not just any fish finder brand, because Lowrance discovered the fish finder technology approximately sixty years ago. Being at the frontlines of this technology, Lowrance has been a leader for fish finder, fish sonar, and has changed the landscape of sports fishing considerably!

Which Anglers Should Choose a Fish Finder or Fish Sonar from Lowrance?

Most anglers will benefit greatly from a Lowrance fish finder or sonar. The company ensures that all their fish finders offers the latest technology and features, so no matter which fish species or fish locations you have in mind, you will always find some applications for a Lowrance fish finder.

One of the latest ranges of Lowrance is the HDS Carbon Series. The series is characterised by displays of a higher resolution, better processing, and even faster sonar updates and three-dimensional views.

Of course, there is also an elite range of fish finders from the Lowrance brand. One such a fish finder is the Elite Ti model, characterised by a larger screen and advanced communication features. So, from models for beginners to advanced models for experienced anglers, Lowrance has them all.

Why Should I Consider the Elite Ti Model from Lowrance?

The Elite Ti is undoubtedly the ultimate fish finder on the market today. The Lowrance Elite-Ti is a touchscreen fish finder, making the tech more interactive than ever before. The Lowrance Elite-Ti also has an advanced engine interface, which can covert NMEA 2000 engine data to custom gauges.

A Lowrance Elite-Ti can be used in combination with a TotalScan transducer. When using this combination, the Elite-Ti can provide DownScan imaging and even StructureScan HD. The sonar features on the Lowrance Elite-Ti also provides superior target separation and resolution, much better than traditional sonar potions.

Of course, even though the Elite-Ti offers some of the best features fish finder technology has to offer, the fish finder remains remarkably affordable. Affordability and functionality go hand-in-hand with Lowrance fish finders, so even the most advanced models are accessible to all anglers.

Why Should I Consider the HDS Carbon from Lowrance?

The HDS Carbon fish finder proves that you do not have to go for the most advanced fish finders to get the most functionality. An HDS Carbon Fish Finder is equipped with a better display - this through the SolarMax HD display, but also a faster dual-core processor and the latest fish-finding technology!

A dual-core processor should be a must for fish finders, since it influences the speed of data delivery. With the dual-core processor in the Lowrance HDS Carbon, anglers get quicker sonar updates and redraws - this also means common problems such as lag can be avoided.

With the Lowrance HDS Carbon, anglers can also access tide and current information. Naturally, this information is displayed on an ultra-crisp HDS Carbon display. The latest tech also makes it easy to find a marina, since a C-MAP chart is also included in this fish finder model from Lowrance.

The HDS Carbon from Lowrance is an excellent tool for anglers, but there are other models from the Lowrance brand as well. Check them all out at Anaconda today!



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