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Our great boating and marine range includes powerful, innovative electric outboard motors and petrol trolling motors to make sure nothing slows you down when enjoying a fun day out on the water. Explore our fantastic range of options for your motorboat, sailboat, tinnie, dinghy or kayak today!

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Why Choose Petrol Outboard Motors at Anaconda?

We partner with Honda, the largest engine manufacturer in the world. Honda has the leverage to lead the way in marine engine innovations. If a superior, safer boating experience is your aim, look no further than Honda outboard motors at Anaconda. These boat motors feature reliable performance, quiet operation and impressive nautical mileage with every tank of fuel (we also stock fuel storage options). Here are some convincing reasons why you should choose a Honda 2.3 HP or 5.0 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor:

  • Maximum power - Honda outboard motors for boats incorporate revolutionary Boosted Low-Speed Torque (BLAST) air/fuel ratio. Not to mention ignition-timing technology with lean burn control as well. The result is powerful acceleration, high performance and outstanding fuel economy. The technology is similar to that used in sportscars, ensuring smooth and stable idling and a broadened torque curve for amazing top-end power.
  • Comfortable cruising - progressive Honda 4-stroke engines are twice as quiet as conventional 2-stroke outboards. The variable air intake system and special combustion chamber make Honda cruising a smooth experience. Linear rubber mounts and other strategic design features ensure vibration levels remain low.
  • Superior acceleration - with Honda, improvements are part of the plan. Acceleration is significantly improved by MBT ignition timing with minimum advance for maximum torque. This feature develops more horsepower at low revs to get you up and above the swell in no time.
  • Racing technology - when the motor reaches 4500rpm, a special high-lift cam engages. This packs more air into the combustion chamber, ultimately producing more power without energy dispersal. Dual-stage induction works to produce a superior torque profile for fine-tuned performance.
  • Power intake air system - with Honda outboard motors, external air is drawn directly into the engine. This results in lower engine temperature and superior overall performance. They are perfect for exploring the estuary, heading for your favourite fishing spot, or cruising around the harbour. With Honda, you are always at the top of your game.

What are Bow Mount & Transom Mount Electric Motors?

Bow Mounts

These are the most popular electric trolling motors for serious anglers who use medium to larger boats. They offer overall better control compared to a transom mount motor. By pulling the boat through the water rather than pushing it from behind, steering is more precise. If precision steering and manoeuvrability are important for your boating style, a bow mount electric boat motor may be the best option. Anaconda stocks a great range, including innovative hand, foot and wireless remote control options.

Transom Mount

If you have a smaller boat or you prefer easier electric trolling motor installation, consider a transom mount system. These mounts conveniently attach to the boat's stern with a simple clamp. This means they can also be used on a fishing kayak. Transom mounts are easy to operate from the rear of the boat. Due to their simpler design, they are often the affordable option for shoppers on a smaller budget.

Find the Right Electric Outboard Motors & Trolling Motors at Anaconda

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