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Every boat owner should carry an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) & boat flares onboard in case of emergency. Shop at Anaconda now!

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How do EPIRBS work?

An EPIRB sends out a radio signal that will work for at least 48 hours once activated. EPIRBS are essential for boaties who operate in open water away from land. When activated, the EPIRB transmission includes you unique identity number (UIN), enabling rescuers to understand the type of vessel they are searching for. An EPIRB is used when there is grave or imminent danger to your vessel or person's onboard.

Safety conscious boaties also carry marine radios, flares and other signalling devices for communicating with others nearby. Mobile phones can also be useful, although they have inferior battery life, can become water damaged, and will not work when out of range.

Where should I stow an EPIRB?

Your EPIRB should be instantly accessible in case of emergency. Anaconda EPIRBS include a mounting bracket for placing the unit in a visible and easy to access place on your boat. Alternatively, you can store your EPIRB, flares, torch and other safety equipment in a waterproof grab-bag stowed safely onboard. It is best to keep your EPIRB locked up and away from the weather when the boat is not in use.

If your EPIRB is accidentally activated, it should be switched off. You should then notify the Rescue Coordination Centre Australia by calling 1800 641 792 so time and money isn't wasted on an unnecessary rescue attempt. Remember to replace EPIRB batteries before the expiry date on the label.

What Anaconda EPIRB should I purchase?

Anaconda showcases several high-quality GME EPIRBS, and the outstanding 406MHz GPS Enabled EPIRB is a top choice. This unit is compact, lightweight, and convenient to store on any vessel, with impressive features that include:

  • Integrated 66 channel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna for better than 100m accuracy
  • Meets or exceeds the applicable requirements of: AS/NZ 4280.1:2003 standards C/S T.001/007
  • 5MHz VHF homing beacon to assist in guiding rescuers to your precise location
  • Includes quick release mounting bracket
  • Zero warm-up digital technology
  • Antenna deploys automatically when the unit is removed from the bracket
  • Ultra-high performance solid state strobe
  • 10 year battery life
  • Quick and easy test facility with audio / visual indication

What type of flares should I consider?

Anaconda stocks both inshore and offshore flare kits for maritime safety all around Australia. The Pains Wessex Offshore Flare Kit, for example, complies with strict Australian boating regulations. These impressive flares offer a 30,000 candela light intensity for exceptional visibility. The kit also contains 2 orange hand-held smoke flares for additional safety.

Why purchase EPIRBS and flares from Anaconda?

Anaconda is Australia's favourite outdoor and adventure retailer for all the right reasons. Our manufacturing partners include well known Australian and international brands, and we pass the savings on to you. Anaconda has more available outdoor products than anyone else, providing you with the widest range of options for your boat. At Anaconda, we offer our famous lowest available price guarantee on all stocked items.

Does Anaconda also sell other boating and marine gear?

We certainly do. At Anaconda, you will find boat fit-out accessories, fuel storage, bilge pumps, boat battery covers, communications equipment, anchors, electronics, navigation lights, oil, lubricants, boat cleaning products and more. Check out the Anaconda boating, marine and fishing range, and get inspired for your next day out on the water.



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