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Thermal Tops

Thermal Tops

Keep the cold at bay no matter where you find yourself, with these wonderfully soft thermal tops from Anaconda. Made from soft, stretch material with thermal properties, these tops keep your skin dry and warm by wicking away moisture and creating a base layer against the cold.

Choose from various styles and sizes for men, women and children and combine with thermal bottoms for top to toe protection against the elements. Thermal tops are ideal for use as a base layer under outerwear, snow suits or waterproofs.

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Do Not Let Cold Bother You! Check Out the Thermal Tops at Anaconda!

The cold can put a damper on any camping trip or outdoor gathering. Fortunately, you can leave this problem in the past with the exquisite range of thermal tops available at Anaconda. Want to learn more about thermal tops and how they can protect you against the cold? Read on to find out more!

What Are Thermal Tops?

Thermal tops fall under the category of thermal wear; this is a special type of clothing designed to keep the wearer warm during cold weather.

Contrary to popular belief, thermal tops are not necessarily thick and bulky, because thermal tops are made with several thin layers of fabric. By layering fabrics, the thermal top can trap more body heat than a simply top with one layer of fabric.

Of course, the type of material used in a thermal top can also make a difference. There are several materials that have thermal properties; this includes synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester. However, most of these synthetic materials are combined with natural fibres; this to benefit from moisture wicking properties and heat retention.

Natural fabric fibres can be used for thermal tops too, although this choice is usually limited to wool and cotton fabrics with a specific weave. Of course, wool can also be combined with some synthetic fibres, adding strength and durability while maintaining the heat retaining properties of both fabric fibres.

Could You Elaborate on the Benefits of Thermal Fabrics?

As we mentioned briefly already, there are various types of thermal fabrics available today. Common materials used in thermal tops include synthetics, wool, silk, and cotton. Each of these has its own benefits, so let us have a closer look at each one for more information.


Synthetic fabrics are usually reserved for extremely cold temperatures. Materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon all fall under the umbrella of synthetics. They can all be combined with some natural fibres to fill out the moisture wicking and heat retention requirements.


When we think about wool, we usually think about the itchy material that we want to avoid in our clothing. However, the wool that is usually selected for is called Merino wool and therefore quite different from the traditional wool everyone knows.

As you can imagine, Merino wool has countless benefits for thermal tops. Firstly, it can balance your body temperature. Secondly, it provides outstanding moisture management, which makes wool thermal tops an excellent choice for people who have problems with excessive sweating when wearing certain types of thermal tops.


Silk may not be as known for its thermal properties, but it is a good choice for moderately cold environments. Silk is lightweight but can keep some of your body heat while transporting moisture away from the body. However, silk thermal tops are less suitable for extremely cold temperatures.


The last material you will encounter with thermal tops is cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre but does not have the same moisture wicking properties as silk. Because of this specific problem, most manufacturers will avoid thermal clothing completely made of cotton.

Still, cotton has wonderful heat retention properties, so you will often find a cotton and synthetic fibre blend in thermal tops. Therefore, cotton thermal tops should never be ruled out completely.

How Do I Select the Best Thermal Top for My Needs?

Believe it or not, the weight of your selected thermal top will be extremely important. When you shop at Anaconda, you will notice we offer thermal tops in various weights; this is because certain weights are more suitable for mild cold temperatures, while the heaviest thermal tops are most suitable for extremely cold weather.

Can I Wear Anything Else Underneath or Above Thermal Tops?

Even though this is down to the preference of the wearer, most people do not have to wear anything extra underneath or above thermal tops. The thermal properties of these tops provide ample protection against cold weather, so wearing anything else is often not necessary.

Still, most thermal tops are not too bulky, which means you can combine it with other layers of clothing if you wish to do so. For example, if you head for a skiing trip and find your thermal top not enough to keep you warm, you can always combine it with a ski jacket.

What Thermal Tops Can I Buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda has stunning range of thermal tops available. Our thermal tops are made from a variety of materials; this includes polypropylene and merino wool. To see our full range of thermal tops, please head over to the “thermals” section on the website.

Do you have any questions about the thermal tops available in our catalogue? Contact our expert team today for some additional information.

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