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Learn All You Need To Know About Swimming Goggle Lenses

Swimming goggles are available with a variety of lenses these days, this to cater to various swimming conditions as well as eyesight problems swimmers can encounter. Since there are so many different lenses to choose from, it may not always be clear which type of lens is most suitable for your needs. If you want to get more familiar with the different kinds of lenses in swimming goggles, be sure to check out our overview below.

What Are Prescription Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

The use of prescription lenses is limited to people who wear corrective glasses on a daily basis. If you wear glasses, then a pair of prescription lenses will ensure you can still see properly when you are wearing your swimming goggles.

A pair of prescription swimming goggles must be obtained at your optician, as this requires a pair of lenses that is made for your eyes. In some cases, you can obtain a pair of swimming goggles with interchangeable lenses, this enables you to switch out the lenses yourself as you see fit.

What Are Clear Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

Clear lenses are most suitable for indoor use, which means you will often encounter them at indoor swimming pools. Swimming goggles with clear lenses allow clear vision and excellent clarity, but they cannot reduce bright sunlight you can encounter outdoors. So, your regular pair of clear swimming goggles will not do much on the beach or an environment with bright sunlight.

Please note that clear swimming goggles can have an additional UV coating, this provides ample protection against UV rays. However, because they do not filter out some of the brightness in the outdoors, visibility can be reduced when used in those outdoor conditions.

What Are Polarised Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

Polarised lenses fulfil the function that clean lenses cannot, more specifically filtering out the glare from reflective surfaces in the outdoors, this may include light shining on the ocean or a lake.

Because of the glare-reducing ability of polarised swimming goggles, many people will use them for outdoor swimming. The are popular with athletes who swim in triathlons, but also anyone who regularly enjoys open water swimming.

What Are Mirrored Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

Mirrored lenses can be compared to polarised lenses, as they are also used in bright and sunny environments. However, they do not work in exactly the same way. Mirrored lenses reflect light away from the eyes, which means any view you get through these goggles will be inherently darker.

Despite its ability to reflect bright light, polarised lenses are still the preferred option for open water swimming, this since polarised lenses are much more effective for glare reduction. However, this does not mean mirrored lenses do not have applications. In fact, mirrored lenses can provide better sight in over-lit indoor pools.

What Are Smoke Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

The smoke lens is another type of lens that will reduce light. Once again, this type of lens works differently, as it simply creates a darker view. As a result, smoke lenses usually appear quite dark.

Since smoke lenses are dark by nature, you cannot use them in environments with reduced light. However, they are extremely suitable for well-lit indoor pools or sunny outdoor environments. While they might not be as popular for open water swimming as polarised lenses or mirrored lenses, they can be an option for more controlled outdoor environments such as outdoor pools.

What Are Coloured Lenses For Swimming Goggles?

Lenses can come in a variety of colours, this includes anything from pink and orange to purple. Depending on the colour of the lens, you can benefit from a number of advantages.

Orange lenses - These lenses create better contrast in any environment. They work in environments with little and a lot of light, which makes them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Pink lenses - When encountering an environment with lots of green and blue, such as an indoor pool, pink lenses can increase visibility. They are a popular colour for indoor pools and leisure pools and have some applications in outdoor pools too.

Purple lenses - These lenses work similar to polarised lenses, as they reduce glare. While polarised lenses still work best, purple lenses can be a more cost-effective alternative.



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