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Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with these great convertible pants from Anaconda. Explore our range which includes hiking pants and more today.

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Can I purchase convertible pants at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. One of the most useful inventions in clothing, convertible pants can usually be unzipped somewhere along the trouser leg, meaning that you can turn your pants into (long) shorts.

Changes in the weather, sudden streams that need to be crossed, and prickly brambles that have to be negotiated will all become much easier with these handy pants that can be converted from long pants to shorts and back again in an instant. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with these great convertible pants from Anaconda.

What are the benefits of convertible pants?

Convertible pants are great for trips where you don't want to carry excess weight. Thanks to the zips (although there are also versions with Velcro), you can quickly and easily change your pants into shorts if the weather allows, or back again to pants if you need protection from the sun, the terrain or insects. Most convertible pants allow you to do so without even having to take off your walking shoes or hiking boots.

What else should I look for when buying convertible pants?

If you want to make sure your convertible pants are useful for hiking trips, there are some other things to consider, such as:

  • Pockets: Pockets are useful on the trail for holding easy to reach essentials, such as snacks, lip balm, sunscreen, maps, compass, etc. Some may have useful features like zips or Velcro closures, ideal for trips where movement may cause you to lose small items out of your pockets, such as cycling or hiking.
  • Quick Drying: Quick drying pants are essential on the hiking trails to avoid being left uncomfortable in damp conditions or when you have had to wade through water. Unlike rain pants, hiking pants should ideally be made from a breathable material.
  • Quiet: Look for a fabric that does not produce excessive noise - this can be annoying and also makes it impossible to get close to wildlife without causing a disturbance
  • Comfort: Look for pants in a comfortable fabric and with a lightweight fit. Pants should be roomy enough to move in and not ride up when walking. Stiff materials like denim can impair you when trying to scramble up inclines or over rocks.

Does Anaconda sell other pants too?

Yes, as well as these handy convertible pants, you will find a huge range of pants for men, women and kids of all ages here at Anaconda. From stylish Capri pants right through to comfortable sweatpants and even snow and rain pants, you can find a huge selection of styles, materials, colours and sizes here. Thermal pants are also included in the range. Choose from top brands and everyday essentials in a wide range of prices for every budget. Check out the whole range of pants from Anaconda today!



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