Car & Camping Fridge Freezers

Car & Camping Fridge Freezers

Whether you're an off-road adventurer, a barbecue fanatic or both, find the right portable fridge. Shop camping fridges & car fridges online at Anaconda.

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Discover The Exciting Range Of Car Fridges & Camping Fridge/Freezers At Anaconda

A car fridge is an essential addition for any outdoor enthusiast, offering the convenience of fresh and chilled food and drinks on the go. Perfect for camping, 4WD road trips or picnics, our impressive range of car fridges/freezers ensures all of your perishables stay fresh and beverages stay nice and cool, eliminating the hassle of melting ice and soggy food. Our camping fridges/freezers are designed for rugged use, with durable construction and efficient cooling systems. They also run on multiple power sources, making them versatile and reliable. Investing in a camping fridge/freezer will transform your outdoor adventures, providing the ultimate in convenience, comfort and freedom to explore the great outdoors without compromising on fresh meals and cold drinks. Shop at Anaconda and enjoy reliable, efficient cooling solutions on your next outdoor journey.

Discover the ultimate in outdoor convenience with Anaconda's range of car and camping fridge/freezers. Our collection features both single-zone and dual-zone fridge freezers to suit every adventurer's needs. Dual-zone fridge/freezers offer the flexibility of separate compartments, allowing you to simultaneously chill beverages and freeze food, perfect for longer trips. Single-zone camping fridges are also highly versatile, easily switching between fridge and freezer modes for those shorter getaways. Available in a variety of sizes, from compact 20-litre units for solo explorers to spacious 80-litre models for family adventures, our fridges/freezers ensure you have fresh food and cold drinks wherever you go. Shop our entire range of car fridges including camp fridges, dual-zone fridge/freezers, camping fridge/freezers and more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Car Fridges FAQs

What Temperature Should My Camping Fridge Be?

Ideally, your camp fridge should be set between 1°C and 4°C to keep food fresh and safe to eat. This range prevents bacterial growth and ensures food stays at a safe temperature, especially in the warm Aussie weather. Adjust as needed based on the outside temperature and the type of food stored.

What Size Camping Fridge For A Family Of 4?

For a family of four, the best camping fridge would be one with a capacity of 40 to 50 litres. This size provides enough space to store food and drinks for a few days. Consider your trip duration, the type of food you'll bring and any additional storage needs when choosing the camp fridge size.

What Is The Best Solar Panel For Running A Camping Fridge?

The best solar panel for running a camping fridge should have a power output of at least 100 watts and be portable, durable and efficient in converting sunlight to energy. Look for a panel with a high-efficiency rating, weather resistance and compatibility with your car fridge's power requirements. Including a solar battery can ensure continuous operation even in low sunlight.

Do Car Fridges Work When The Car Is Off?

Car fridges can work when the car is off if connected to a battery or an external power source. However, running a fridge directly from the car battery without the engine running can drain the battery quickly. To prevent this, use a dual battery system or a portable power station. Some fridges have low voltage cut-off settings to protect the car battery from completely discharging.

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Check out our full range of camping fridge/freezers including car fridges, dual-zone fridge/freezers and more from leading brands including Dune 4WD, Oztrail, MyCoolman and more! Browse our entire fridges & coolers range including fridge covers & power, coolers and more, and check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips such as

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