A passion for sport combined with an obsession with performance fabrics results in 2XU. Designers of technical sportswear in the pursuit of optimum human performance, 2XU provides physical and psychological benefits to athletes and active people. Compression socks are a 2XU speciality. They are appreciated by people on long-haul flights, and have long-been used by active sportspeople to support legs, ankles and feet.

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Activewear garments are specially designed to support muscles, ligaments, tendons and facia. Key areas of the body are given protection from wear-and-tear, and training is safer. 2XU sportswear provides anatomical support to reduce fatigue, and assists with improved recovery.

Premium natural and synthetic fabrics are layered, offering flexibility, stability and power. Compression gear provides an acknowledged advantage over the competition and allows the wearer to push the limits without risking physical damage. 2XU focuses on training and competition, with many sportspeople benefiting from form-fitting compression garments. 2XU compression socks available at Anaconda are top-range products from a proud Australian company.

Running-specific features of compression gear include greater endurance, protection from repetitive impact injuries and support of key muscle groups. Injury setbacks are a fitness killer, best avoided by wearing appropriate compression apparel during training and competition. If you are already on the side-lines and recovering from injury, high-quality compression flight socks from Anaconda will provide the support you need.

2XU Women's 24/7 Compression Socks and Men's Flight Compression Socks give wearers the ability to resist impact forces while running, jumping and weaving around the sports field or basketball court. They are the lightweight support people on the move require, and can go wherever you do. Compression socks are easily slipped on during long journeys or other times when additional foot, ankle or leg support is needed.

Compression socks are incredibly versatile. They take up almost no space in a bag or suitcase and are ready to come to the rescue whenever required. The classic form-fitting design of 2XU compression socks makes them easy to wear anywhere, while the combination of acrylic materials and wool fibres makes them resistant to odours and convenient to wash. Compression socks are also the right choice for campers, hikers and adventurers who want to perform well in the outdoors at all times.

Compression sock technology from 2XU locks foot support in place to improve stabilisation and optimise movement. The across-the-board benefits don't go unnoticed, with most professional athletes and sports people utilising compression socks for training, competition and recovery during their career. The benefits are available to everyone, at amazing Anaconda prices that regular Australians can afford.

2XU are proud to be the world's most advanced technical apparel company, taking athletes to new levels of possibility by allowing them to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster, and the partnership with Anaconda is a win-win situation for Australian businesses and consumers. High-quality, locally manufactured products are in demand for the right reasons, and 2XU apparel for men and women are an important feature of the sports wardrobe.

Every competitive edge is worth considering, and compression apparel is known to get results. When the difference between winning or not being on the podium is small, compression gear can give you an advantage over the competition.

Whether you require flight socks for a comfortable journey, or 24/7 compression socks for a recovery at home, Anaconda has your feet, ankles and calves covered for optimum mobility and protection. 2XU is a world leading manufacturer supported by Anaconda online and in stores around Australia, where the best camping, hiking and outdoor equipment is found under one roof.



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