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Attracting your target fish is easy when using Big John’s oil and burley mixes. Use highly scented Big John’s products and attract a diverse range of fish within your casting range, courtesy of Anaconda online or in-store.

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What are some Big John's products that will help me catch more fish?

Every Big John's product has been specially formulated to help you catch more fish. These fish pellet, fish oil and fish meal products have been tried and tested in wide-ranging fishing conditions to maximise your catch. Wherever you enjoy fishing, in the ocean, river, estuary or lake, Big John's products are ready to help you land a big one. Here are just a few outstanding products.

Big John's Power Prawn Burley Mix: All types of estuarine fish love prawns. Big John's Power Prawn Burley Mix is derived from Australian prawns that are processed with tuna meal to create small pellets. These pellets attract heaps of small fish that in-turn attract bigger fish in the water column.

Big John's Big Red Fish Oil: Developed with snapper anglers in mind, Big John's Big Red Fish Oil is a premium blend of tuna and pilchard oils that provides a far reaching scent for hungry fish.

Big John's Tuna Log: These amazing fish attractants are created using concentrated tuna extracts and oils, and don't require refrigeration. Big John's Tuna Log can be used in a burley pot or broken off in chunks and dispersed by hand. The micro-pieces disperse slowly, making this a burley addition you can set and forget.

Big John's Estuary Secret Burley Mix: The secret is out, and Big John's Estuary Secret Burley Mix contains tuna meal, tuna oil, emulsified prawns and aniseed oil. This mix creates an irresistible attraction for bream, flathead, whiting, taylor and other estuarine fish species.

What other fishing gear does Anaconda stock?

We have a huge range of fishing equipment, apparel and accessories. We showcase spinner rods, baitcaster rods, overhead rods, surf rods, fly fishing rods, rod & reel combos and more. Our fishing reel collection is equally impressive, and we are also the go-to retailer for fishing tackle, hard body lures, cast nets, monofilament line, boating and marine gear, fishing kayaks and other fishing essentials. Check out the extensive Anaconda fishing range online or in-store and get ready to bring home the catch of the day.

Why choose Anaconda for fishing equipment?

When you choose Anaconda, you are also choosing quality. We partner with major fishing brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Jarvis Walker, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Penn and lots more famous Australian and international brands. Our purchasing power means we can offer you the highest quality fishing equipment for the lowest possible price every time.

Anaconda is your one-stop-shop for Australian anglers, We are also the leading camping, hiking, trekking and boating retailer with more quality products than anyone else. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets where you can experience products first-hand, and we also offer a streamlined online shopping experience for your convenience. If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for fast payment and speedy delivery to your door.

At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, afterpay, weekly specials, Anaconda Club deals and an extensive returns policy to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Best of all, at Anaconda we offer our famous lowest available price guarantee on every stocked item.



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