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Z-Man have brought the manufacturing of fishing lures right into the 21st century.

Z-Man's use of pioneering technology and peerless workmanship creates superior quality fishing tackle that is loved by anglers all over.

For a super soft realistic lure that is sure to bring in a whopper, check out Z-Man at Anaconda now.

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  • Z-Man GrubZ Soft Plastic Lures

    Z-Man GrubZ Soft Plastic Lures

    The Z Man GrubZ take the time-tested appeal of the grub to a whole new level with the implementations of their advanced ElaZtech plastic. Designed with a full body, thin ribbing and a broad, yet lively tail, the Z Man GrubZ represents one of the most popular and universally effective bait profiles. ...

    Reg: $10.99

  • Z-Man Minnowz Lures

    Z-Man Minnowz Lures

    One of ZMan's most popular models, the 3" MinnowZ is a versatile baitfish profile with a lively little paddle tail. It is a go-to for anglers chasing flathead, bass, jewfish, mangrove jack, barramundi and other medium to large predators....

    Reg: $10.99

  • Z-Man Shrimpz Lures

    Z-Man Shrimpz Lures

    Everything eats a prawn and ZMan's realistic 3" prawn imitation has the advantage of being 10X Tough and scented with 100% natural scent. It is designed to be rigged on a standard jighead or rigged quick and easy on a weedless jighead for fishing snags. Fish it slow and twitchy, with lots of pauses,...

    Reg: $10.99

  • Z-Man Streakz Curly Tailz Lures

    Z-Man Streakz Curly Tailz Lures

    A fat minnow with a large curly tail that drives fish crazy! The StreakZ Curly TailZ has become a favourite for anglers chasing flathead, snapper, jewfish and a myriad of other freshwater species. It also features a belly slot for weedless rigging....

    Reg: $10.99

  • Z-Man Streakz Lures

    Z-Man Streakz Lures

    This compact jerk bait has a realistic baitfish profile and a darting action that attracts predatory species. It is ideal for bream, bass, flathead, trevally, shallow water snapper and any other species that loves terrorizing small baitfish....

    Reg: $10.99

  • Z-Man Jerk Shadz Lures

    Z-Man Jerk Shadz Lures

    A classic jerk bait profile with the advantage of 10X Tough ElaZtech construction and 100% natural scent designed to attract fish and trigger strikes. Ideally suited to larger estuary species and offshore predators....

    Reg: $10.99

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