Work Shirts & Tops

For the best choice in work shirts and tops, have a look at Anaconda's selection of workwear. Choose from vests, tops and shirts that can be worn alone or with other clothing to ensure that you are comfortable and safe while carrying out jobs at work or maintenance around the house. Hi-vis polo shirts, vests and rugby shirts in a number of styles and sizes are included in the range, as well as shirts with pockets to carry your work tools, and high-vis reflective shirts for those jobs which require you to wear safety apparel

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Can I purchase work shirts and tops at Anaconda?

Yes, our range of workwear includes a number of vests, tops, shirts and jackets that are specially designed to be suitable for work to ensure that you are comfortable, with plenty of freedom for arm movement while working, and safe, with bright colours and some high-vis accents for extra visibility.

What is included in the range?

Here at Anaconda, you can find a range of polo shirts with short sleeves as well as long sleeves, as well as various vests and a high vis reflective shirt with long sleeves that can be worn as a jacket too. Choose from different colours and a range of sizes to find you ideal workwear. Our workwear is designed to be comfortable with plenty of space for movement, while the breathable fabric of the polo tops means that you can stay cool as the material is breathable and allows air to circulate freely.

What else is included in the range of workwear clothing at Anaconda?

As well as the shirts, tops and jackets in this section, why not take a look at our special workwear pants and shorts too? Designed to be tough, durable and provide lots of storage space, our work pants and shorts can be an ideal addition to your workwear. Specially designed footwear including shoes and boots are also included in the workwear items for sale at Anaconda.

What other types of clothing and footwear can I purchase at Anaconda?

Our great range of clothing and footwear covers many different occasions and pastimes, including leisure, sports and activewear. Check out the huge range of clothing on offer, which includes many different styles and includes everyday basics as well as top brand names, for everything from swim and surfwear right through to snow apparel, as well as many types of sportswear and casual clothing.

Does Anaconda sell clothing for women and kids too?

Yes, as well as our large selection of stylish clothing for men, you will also find separate ranges for women and kids of all ages here at Anaconda. Why not take a look today and be inspired by the many great styles and colours on offer, all at great prices?


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