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How to choose a winter jacket?

Lots of jackets look good, but only the best winter clothing will repel cold, wind, rain and snow. Take the chill out of the Aussie winter with top quality apparel from Anaconda. Here are some important considerations when choosing the right winter jackets for you and your family.

1. The waterproof outer shell: Check the coat's label to ensure the outer material is waterproof or water-resistant. Some coats have multiple waterproof layers. Your winter coat should also have an insulated inner layer that will help keep the cold out.

2. Winter clothing insulation: The three types of insulation commonly used are down, synthetic and pile fabric. Down is a fantastic insulator but will not hold up well if it gets too wet. Synthetic fibres are great at resisting moisture, although they don't have the wearable lifespan of down. Pile fabric, with a feel similar to sheep's wool, is long lasting, although it won't have the thick coat appearance.

3. Zippers and cuffs: Examine the zippers and cuffs to ensure they are made from long-lasting material that won't go out of shape. Check to see if the zipper is waterproof, and ensure the cuffs are tight and snug fitting for extra protection.

4. Manufacturing quality: Check out the stitching, seams and all-over manufacturing quality. At Anaconda, we partner with premium brands so you can be assured you are purchasing a high quality garment.

5. Material choices: Winter coats are available in a wide range of materials to suit your personal style. Choices include leather, wool, cotton, faux fur and Gore-tex. Whether you want classic vintage style, a casual jacket, or a jacket tailor-made for hitting the ski slopes, Anaconda has the garment for you.

6. Style options: At Anaconda, we showcase stylish softshell jackets, rain jackets, snow jackets, hoodies, ski jackets, puffer jackets, fleece jackets and more to suit your winter jacket preferences.

What else should I look for in the winter clothing collection?

Winter is a time to be warm and comfortable from head to toe, and there are lots of great apparel ideas to consider. The Anaconda winter clothing collection includes a wide range of snow pants, pack-it pants, rain pants, zip-off pants, gloves, beanies, socks, base layers and thermal underwear.

Check out Chute Adult Power Gloves, available in a wide range of colours and incorporating softfill insulation, fleece cuffs for extra warmth and adjustable wrist straps. Chute Kids' Blazin Socks are another notable mention, featuring thick/thin knit, seamless toe, padded shin and snug fit for all-day fun on the slopes.

What brands should I look for in winter clothing?

The first step is to visit Anaconda instore or online. Here you will find world leading brands such as Helly Hansen, Cederberg, Gondwana, Columbia, Chute, XTM, 37 Degrees South and The North Face. We partner with quality manufacturers who prioritise highest quality long- lasting materials and a commitment to environmental sustainability. These brands are outdoor leaders who value our planet with standards supported by Anaconda. Explore our extensive winter clothing collection for men, women and kids, and get the perfect outdoor apparel for your needs.

Why choose Anaconda for winter clothing?

Anaconda is Australia's biggest outdoor equipment and apparel retailer with more high-quality products than anyone else. Our purchasing power means we are able to offer you the best apparel for prices our competitors can't match. At Anaconda you can shop in-store and try before you buy. Alternatively, we provide a convenient online shopping experience that includes speedy product delivery to your door.

We offer Afterpay, where you can purchase now and pay later. We also offer gift cards, special Club deals and our famous lowest available price guarantee on all stocked items. Whatever your passion, Anaconda has everything you need in our winter clothing collection.



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