Can I purchase kayak paddles at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda stocks a variety of kayak paddles. The design and feel of your kayak paddle will influence the speed with which you move through the water, the comfort (especially on your hands) with which you paddle and the pressure you put on your back after a day's paddling. Here at Anaconda, our range of kayak paddles include simple paddles for recreational use and sleek fibreglass paddles, ideal for long journeys.

What should I look for when choosing a kayak paddle?

Kayak paddles have blades on either side of the shaft, which allows you to more efficiently paddle from side to side whether you're going straight or making turns. Double bladed paddles are more effective in kayaks because the kayak sits closer to the water and is narrower than other types of watercraft. Because of the dimensions of a kayak, you can easily switch from side to side using a double-bladed paddle which lets you propel yourself in any direction with minimal effort.

Length: One of the first things to consider when picking a kayak paddle is the length of the shaft. Young kids need to use shorter kayak paddles, while taller adults require longer paddles. Using a kayak paddle that's too short makes getting the blades past the waterline too difficult, while paddles that are too long will be too unwieldy and cause the kayak to zigzag across the water. Wider boats require longer paddles. Be sure to measure your boat's width at its widest point before shopping for a paddle.

Material: The materials used also have a significant impact on the paddle's performance and price. If you want the lightest and strongest kayak paddle, choose one that's made from carbon fibre. A more affordable option, which is great for long distance touring, is a paddle that uses fibreglass shafts and nylon blades. The cheapest types of kayak paddles use aluminium shafts and nylon blades. These are ideal for recreational use because of their excellent durability and are easily serviceable.

Your own size: Torso length is a critical factor in sizing a kayak paddle. You can find plenty of information online about recommended sizes, but here are some general pointers:

More athletic paddlers generally want a shorter paddle with a wider blade for the extra horsepower that it provides.

Heavier or taller paddlers generally prefer a longer paddle with a wide blade to move their weight efficiently.

Smaller paddlers, those who are not into speed or those with wrist or shoulder issues typically choose blades with a smaller surface area, while those that want more power opt for larger blades.



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