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On the water? The single most important thing to have is a life jacket or PFD for each person on board. Discover more about boating safely at Anaconda online.

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Can I purchase boating life jackets at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! If you are spending time on the water, for instance when canoeing or kayaking, or spending time on boat, the single most important thing you must have (and wear!) is a life jacket or PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Even on the calmest water on the sunniest day, make sure you are wearing one, as you never know what may happen to the weather, the boat, or any other circumstances.

What types of boating life jackets are available at Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a whole range of boating life jackets for men, women and children from reputable brands including Seak, Body Glove, Comocean and others. Available in varying styles, colours and designs, they are all designed to keep the wearer safe without restricting active movement while out enjoying water sport activities.

What are the different levels of life jackets that are used?

There are 3 main levels of life jackets:

1. For use in smooth waters: 'Level 50 special purpose' or 'Level 50S' for lifejackets made to AS 4758

This type of lifejacket:

  • may be a specified buoyancy wetsuit.
  • are for use in smooth water and only when the user is likely to be in the water for a short time.
  • can be used by skiers or people being towed in smooth waters.
  • can be used by PWC riders in smooth waters.

2. For use in partially smooth waters: 'Level 50' for lifejackets made to AS 4758

This type of lifejacket:

  • helps keep you afloat but does not have a collar to keep the head above water.
  • can be used by skiers or people being towed in smooth or partially smooth waters.
  • can be used by PWC riders in smooth and partially smooth waters or beyond those waters.

3. For use in open waters: 'Level 100', 'Level 150' or 'Level 275' for lifejackets made to AS 4758.

Are my current life jackets still suitable for use?

As with all safety equipment, it is important that you check your life jackets regularly for wear and tear, possible defects etc. Life jackets should display information about the standard they adhere to. The current standard is AS 4758, but older jackets can still be used if in good conditions. In 2015, Standards Australia published a revised edition of the AS 4758 series of Australian Standards on lifejackets. Some of the main changes included:

General requirements:

  • Addition of a new L25 buoyancy category for competent swimmers for specialist activities.
  • New requirements for a body mass of between 5 and 10 kg.
  • Harmonisation of L50 buoyancy requirements with international standards.

Materials and components - Requirements and test methods

  • New requirements have been included for inflation indicators and gas cylinders.

Test methods

  • New requirements for inflation indicators, weight categories, performance levels and performance testing.

Check out the different boating life jackets for sale at Anaconda before your next trip on the water!



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