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At Anaconda, we stock a number of touring kayaks for paddlers looking to venture short or long. Choose from our touring kayak range at Anaconda today!

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Can I purchase touring kayaks at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Touring kayaks are used by people who like the freedom to go kayaking on estuaries, calm rivers, lakes and canals. As a rule, touring kayaks are shorter and flatter than sea kayaks, but they provide more space than recreational kayaks, allowing you to take supplies such as camping or cooking gear.

What should I look for when deciding on a touring kayak?

When choosing your right kayak, there are many factors to take into consideration. These include length, width, stability, storage, manoeuvrability, comfort and storage, to name but a few. Size is important in a touring kayak, as you are likely to be spending quite a bit of time in it, but buying the biggest kayak you can find is not necessarily the right answer, as it can be heavier to paddle and manoeuvre. Once you've decided on a kayak that fits your needs, looking at the features and outfitting can help in making your decision.

Cockpit: Cockpit outfitting is important when you are looking for the best fit for comfort, safety, and control. Look for inclusion of a backrest, and adjustability or padding if you will be doing longer trips or may be kayaking in rough conditions. Pay attention to cockpit size to ensure it fits your body type.

Hatches and Bulkhead: Located at either end of the boat, the hatch is the opening to store gear and the bulkhead is the vertical wall that seals the compartment. Will they give you enough space for all your gear? They also provide buoyancy to the boat.

Deck Rigging: Deck lines, bungy fastenings and toggles should be easy to fasten to your kayak, so check if suitable spaces are provided to do so. A spare paddle, compass, navigational charts, and other items should be easily to hand during your trip without the worry of them disappearing overboard.

Anchor: Some kayaks can be fitted with an anchor system, which will stop you drifting away for instance when fishing or taking pictures. Other considerations are rudders, skegs, or keels.

Hull material: Touring kayaks are generally made of either some kind of plastic (usually polyethylene) or fibreglass or a similar composite material. Composite boats are usually much more expensive than their plastic counterparts. However, the composite boats can weigh quite a bit less, which can be a big benefit if you have to lift your kayak onto the roof of your car by yourself.

Does Anaconda sell other types of kayaks too?

Yes, as well as touring kayaks, you will find fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks at Anaconda. Paddles, storage gear, clothing and footwear are also all available, so check out the whole range today to find all the items you need for your next kayaking adventure.



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