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Anaconda's sit-on top kayak range include everything, from fun kayaks to serious kayaks. Discover our array of sit-on-top kayaks for the best deals now!

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Can I purchase sit on top kayaks at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Sit-on-top kayaks are extremely popular because their stability, easy handling, and mobility make them very versatile. While you are paddling down-stream, they allow you to slip in and out of the water easily and enjoy a swim to cool down. Anaconda's range of sit-on-top kayaks includes everything from fun kayaks for kids to serious kayaks for anglers who want a fast-tracking kayak with ample storage options.

Why should I choose a sit on top kayak?

Sit-on-top kayaks have hull shapes that are similar to other kayaks, but instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on a moulded depression on top. Some sit on top kayaks are made from fiberglass, but most are made from tough, inexpensive, rotationally moulded plastic. Sit-on-top kayaks share many benefits with traditional sit-inside kayaks, but many people find them easier to use and they are usually less expensive too. There are sit-on-top kayaks designed for fishing, surfing, touring, scuba diving and more. Most sit on top kayaks are designed to be multi-purpose vessels with recreational or beginning paddlers in mind.

What are the advantages of a sit on top kayak?

Sit-on-top kayaks have a few advantages over sit-inside kayaks, the main one of which is probably comfort. Paddlers with long legs, a wider shape, or limited flexibility will find a sit-on-top kayak less confining than a traditional sit-in kaya. Another big benefit is the ability to do a self-rescue, which can be important if you are kayaking solo. Because sit-on-tops have an open deck rather than an enclosed one, there is less risk of being trapped in the boat if it tips over. You can also get back onto your kayak more easily from the water.

Is kayaking the right activity for me?

Whether you are just looking for a fun family day out, w ant to go fishing, or intend to take kayaking up as a sport, kayaking is great for relaxation, exercise or competitive sport. Always remember that however sunny and warm the day is, weather can change suddenly, which means that winds and tides can overpower all but the most experienced kayaker. This means you should make sure you familiarise yourself with the area, the craft and the safety procedures that need to be adhered to.

Why do sit on top kayaks come in different lengths?

At Anaconda, you will find sit on top kayaks ranging in length from just over 2.5 metres up to 4.5 metres. As a general guide, longer kayaks tend to be more directional than shorter kayaks. Short kayaks are great for turning and nipping in and out of rocks, but it is harder work to paddle them over a long distance, especially if they have a wider body. Children will find it easier to control a kayak that is shorter.

Does Anaconda sell other types of kayak?

Yes, as well as sit on top kayaks, Anaconda also offers a range of fishing kayaks, touring kayaks and kayaks suitable for kids, so check out the whole range today!



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