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Heading for a trip to the beach, but could you use some things to keep yourself entertained? Or are you planning to go water-skiing, which requires some funky ski tubes? Whatever your need, be sure to check out the many ski tubes available at Anaconda. At Anaconda, customers can find many ski tubes with a variety of designs. We have some unique choices for teens, but also some modern choices for adults. Check out the designs of our ski tubes today and pick out the best one for your trip. We are sure you'll have loads of fun with it.

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What Equipment Do You Need for Water Skiing? Find Out at Anaconda!

Are you planning a trip to the beach that will involve some water skiing? Be sure to check out the guide provided by Anaconda below, which will tell you more about some of the equipment you can take with you for water skiing. We are sure you will get some brilliant ideas to make your trip a success.

What Is the First Thing I Should Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

We believe you cannot go water skiing without a fun water skiing tube. At Spotlight, you can find loads of water skiing tubes that enable you to be pulled across the water with some incredible speed. So, if you want a trip to never forget, be sure to pack a water skiing tube as well!

What Is the Second Thing I Should Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

If not all the equipment is provided for a water skiing trip, you may want to pack your own water skis. There are several types you can consider, but some are more suitable for beginners.

One type of skis that is most suitable for beginners is a pair of combination skis. These skis are somewhat wider than most water skis, which means they provide more stability for beginners. Still, if speed is more your thing, you could consider the slalom skis. Even though we do not recommend these for beginners, it is the best choice for advanced and experienced water skiers.

Slalom skis are short and wide. They do not contain any fins either, opposed to some of the water skis for beginners. Unfortunately, this makes them harder to control. Still, the overall design of these skis can provide an incredible speed.

What Is the Third Thing I Need to Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

Water skiers who are taking their own equipment should consider ropes and handles carefully. Some beginners start with some makeshift gear, which leaves much to be desired and can be quite unsafe!

Water skiing ropes should be strong enough told at least 350 kilograms. It is also recommended to choose a rope made from polypropylene, which is strong but also quite flexible.

For the handles, we recommend high-performance too. The best handles for water skiing usually have an aluminium base, surrounded by moulded rubber. This provides the water skier with comfort, but also durability when pulled across the water.

What Is the Fifth Thing I Need to Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

To ensure your safety on the water, we also suggest a lifejacket. For most water skiing trips, a buoyant vest is most suitable. The buoyant vest is less bulky than the offshore lifejacket, but still provides enough protection on calmer waters.

The buoyant vest comes with some extra features that may prove useful to water skiers, aside from providing a floatation device. In addition to floating, buoyant vests can turn a person face-up when they are unconscious. So, if something goes wrong during the water skiing, a buoyant vest could save your life.

What Is the Sixth Thing I Need to Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

Our sixth suggestion is a good wetsuit - this to prevent some abrasion injuries that can be encountered when falling on the water at a tremendous speed. Wetsuits can also keep you a little warmer, which may prove useful when the water temperature is not ideal.

Naturally, there are various types of wetsuits to choose from today. Some are more suitable for water skiers than other, so be sure to ask some advice if you decide to pick up a wetsuit for your trip.

What Is the Final Thing I Need to Take on My Water Skiing Trip?

The final item you must take on a water skiing trip is quite evident, but often forgotten! Every water skier should have a good sunblock on his or her person. Ideally, you want something with an SPF of 45 or higher.

When spending most of the day on the water, you are more likely to suffer a sunburn. To provide maximum protection, please make sure that your sunblock is waterproof and apply some regularly to keep you topped up.

What Other Equipment Could I Take with Me for Water Skiing?

There are many other things you could take for your water skiing trip. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check the water skiing section on the Anaconda website. We are sure you will find something that will help during your trip!

Do you need some advice on water skiing equipment? Or are you having problems finding the equipment you need? Contact the team at Anaconda today to get some professional advice. You can contact us via telephone or email, but you can also drop by at one of the Anaconda stores.



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