Can I purchase bodyboards at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda offers a wide range of bodyboards in various sizes suitable for youngsters and adults. Bodyboards on offer include brands like Comeocean and Body Glove and feature different designs, construction and accessories to choose from.

What are bodyboards?

Just like surfboards, bodyboards are used to ride the waves, but the main difference is that they are much shorter, and are normally ridden either lying down or kneeling, not standing up. A Boogie Board is a specific brand of bodyboard, but many people, even many stores, simply use "bodyboard" and "boogie board" interchangeably.

There are two basic ways to ride a bodyboard: "prone," meaning lying on the board on your stomach, or "drop-knee," meaning kneeling on the board with one knee, while the other foot trails in the water to provide additional control.

What are bodyboards made of?

Bodyboards are made out of one or more types of plastic, or, in some cheaper versions, out of lightweight plastic foam. Higher quality bodyboards may still have a foam core but also have a harder plastic bottom, called a slick, plus a deck, and rails made of softer foam. The deck is the top of the board, and the rails are the sides. The front of the board is the nose, and the back is called the tail. In many boards, one, two, or three carbon or graphite rods will run inside the board, down its length. These rods, called stringers, provide strength and spring to the board.

There are several different styles of bodyboard. The nose of the bodyboard can be narrow or broad. The tail can be crescent-shaped or batwing-shaped. The board can be flat, or it can have a rocker, which means that one or both ends bend upward slightly. Unlike surfboards, which typically have fins (also sometimes called skegs) attached to the bottom for stability, bodyboards are more manoeuvrable, which makes them ideal for tricks. Bodyboarders typically wear swim fins on their feet while riding the board, and use their feet to replace the fins.

What else should I know about bodyboards?

Some people prefer to have to have a leash attached to their bodyboard. Without a leash, it is easier to lose the board after falling off, especially if you are some distance out to sea or the waves and/or current are strong. Leashes can either attach to the rider's wrist or upper arm. Some boards come with a leash already attached, but they can also be bought separately as an accessory.

Does Anaconda sell other boards apart from bodyboards?

Yes, at Anaconda you can find a wide range of water sports equipment, and this includes surfboards and paddle boards as well as bodyboards, in many different types and sizes suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders.



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