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Embrace the pristine waters and gentle breeze of the fresh lake air by lake kayaking across the beautiful lakes Australia has to offer. Our Lake Kayaking Collection includes kayaks, paddles and life jackets, from our leading brands, ideal for lake kayaking. Create your own adventure and get outside to enjoy the great outdoors with our Lake Kayaking

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What are some lake kayaking essentials for beginners?

Australians are spoilt for watersports locations, and lake kayaking is an ideal introduction to the sport for beginners. If you are a newcomer to kayaking, there are a number of essentials you should take along for the ride, and we have everything you need at Anaconda. Here are a few product ideas.

Kayak: There are dozens of different kayak styles available on the market, with some of the best products available at Anaconda. A recreational kayak is usually the best option for a beginner. These kayaks are relatively short and are easy for paddlers to climb in and out of. They provide back support with moulded seat, and will not sink if you capsize. The Seaflo Adult Kayak is just one great option at Anaconda, and is ideal for recreational paddlers.

This sit-on-top kayak comes with a backrest, storage hatch and cargo net cover. With more experience, you may choose to upgrade to a Seak Mako Kayak or Berkley Angler Kayak. With these fishing kayaks, you can bring home dinner as well as enjoy a great day on the water.

Kayak Paddle: A kayak paddle has a blade on both ends, and should not be confused with single-blade canoe paddles. Paddles vary in length, with taller people requiring a longer paddle. You can begin with a durable plastic paddle, and move on to a higher-quality anodised aluminium paddle when you gain a little more kayaking experience. The Anaconda kayak paddle collection will have you sorted, whatever your height or age.

Water shoes: Some lakes have a rocky shoreline or underwater surface. Rather than risking cuts, abrasions, strains or sprains, consider investing in a quality pair of water shoes specifically designed to protect your feet. Anaconda stocks great neoprene water shoes with strong grip rubber soles for walking on uneven terrain and slippery surfaces.

Life Jacket: It is essential to wear a properly fitting life jacket while enjoying deep water adventures. Anaconda stocks an impressive range of life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) for recreational paddlers, white water kayakers, anglers and long-distance paddlers. We stock men&rsquo



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