Pick up a paddle and canoe down placid rivers, coastal areas and lakes for a brand new adventure. Our Canoe Collection has all the canoeing products and accessories that will allow you to experience canoeing at its finest. For the casual paddler and more experienced adventurer alike, our collection will take the prep work out of your next trip

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What equipment do I need for canoeing?

If you have purchased a new canoe and are eager to get onto the water, there are a few essentials you should consider.

Paddle: There are various paddle designs available for canoeing and kayaking. A canoe paddle is different to a white water kayak paddle. There are also multi-purpose paddles that are adaptable for recreational canoeing or kayaking. High quality Seak paddles available at Anaconda include the Seak Glide Paddle made from lightweight aluminium. This paddle is deceptively durable and great for beginners. Other great Anaconda paddle options include the Seak Swift Paddle, Seak 2-Piece Paddle and the Lifetime Youth Kayak Paddle.

Lifejacket: Safety essentials are a big deal at Anaconda, and they don&rsquo



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